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A girl trapped in a maze that always looping in 1 minute.
The maze contains many puzzles to solved and many places to explore.
However each time the loop ends, the knowledge owned by the girl is also lost.

The only way to escape is to get the help from the Player
to get the knowledges from each Loop and combine them to become the key to escape.

- Escape game

- 1 minute gameplay per Loop (for each puzzle)

- Multiple completion target for each Loop

- True End is achievable after all Loop is cleared

- However, True End is achievable even without finish all Loop

Version 1.1 is now released with changes below.
Thank you for your kind comments and suggestions.

> Updated minor dialogue, especially on demon puzzle which confused many players.

> Using Torch effects, now everything is dark except where Reina is.

> Updated BGM to be scarier, but don't worry it's not Horror game, just Suspense.

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How many puzzles will there be? Will there be a battle system too?
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