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Phantasma is a dialogue based, story-driven drama/psychological horror game made on RPG Maker MV


It's 1990, your husband has bought you a computer as a gift for your 1-year wedding anniversary, but one of the games inside leaves you with a dark fate: Kill a rebelled angel who is using you as a vessel to be brought into the human world...

Extra stuff:

This game features original music and character sprites, it's about 30-40 minutes to an hour long depending on your reading speed, your choices, etc.

This game has 2 endings

Phantasma is aimed at a 14+ audience of individuals and for people who can handle sensitive topics, for it contains disturbing/horror imagery, mentions of suicide/murder, violence/gore, suggestive content, crude language, mentions of drug use, death scenes, and flashing/flickering imagery, viewer discretion is advised...

This game is connected to a web series by the same creator: El Origen De Los Shadows, on Youtube. You don't have to watch the show to play the game, but if you want to know a little bit of lore about the side characters, the creator suggests you watch it, like the game, the show is aimed at 14+ audiences.


Thenutcrackerus (Director, game developer, artist, story, characters)

TheJmmc (co-director)

Deerpawzzz/Businesstiger (Music)

Feverrin (Music)

Blurry-Kun (Characters)

Lucifer13 (Beta tester)

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