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In Today I Went on a Quest, you play as Ryno and his two coworkers, Cas and Lestir. The fast food restaurant they work at, MagiBurger, has been set under a curse by one of the managers, and all of their coworkers have become drones! So, Ryno, Cas, and Lestir head into the restaurant on their day off, protected by the power of their street clothes, to save their coworkers from this evil curse. Once they enter the store, they're shocked when one of their coworkers comes charging and sends them into a battle! And after emerging victorious, they become worried remembering how many people usually work a single shift...

This is the first game I've ever made, and thus, is not very long. It's about a 10-20 minute experience based on how much time you choose to spend with it. If the game seems like it's a bit too difficult, I suggest slowing down and really interacting with the environments for items or clues on where to find items. Although this game is not very long, I did try to put a lot of heart and character into it. Spritework is all handled by me, and the music is AI generated.

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