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Post Beta v4 to "Release Candidate"

Updated to Post-Beta v4; removed one F-word, some dialogues that were cut off are now fixed, few of the same dialogues are changed, Claire's wrong position and time-limited gauge that I forgot to remove are now fixed again. If there are some issues, I'll fix them again!

ALRIGHT! The "Release Candidate" is a completed and final version of the game that improves it better than the previous versions;
  • (Almost) All of the grammar issues are now fixed!

  • Every longer dialogue who were cut off is now fixed.

  • Added more music for all acts of this game.

  • There are four different cinematic borders in this game, while the two were inspired by Gaspar Noe's upcoming movie, Vortex.

  • Every character's movements are now arranged and fixed.

  • Several F-words are now removed.

  • "COUNTER" from the first game, was renamed as "MISS CHAVEZ", who serves as a school cafeteria lunch lady.

  • The end credit is now improved, with images of all acts throughout the game, but the song didn't change.

  • "SOPHIE" eyes are changed due to similar to "DANIELLE" from the fourth act.

  • Some references to popular culture were added or changed.

  • Some dialogues from the first act were added.

  • Thanks to Galv, I added a plugin called "Balloon Sound Effect".

If there is something about an issue or you have an issue about my game, just post your feedback on this discussion board.