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Heavily inspired by Final Fantasy IV and my own fangame Alter Destiny, I'm trying my hand at creating an original game within the basic framework of FF IV's pacing. Many of the maps are also similar to FF IV's, since it's one of my favorite RPGs. All of the assets used are either free for commercial use, royalty free, purchased, or completely custom. This game is basically what I imagine an indie version of Final Fantasy IV to be like with an original story. The full game will be available for free on Itch.


Long has the Empire of Arahn ruled with fairness and grace, its military might backed up with its powerful fleet of airships. That is, until recently. Rumors abound that the Empress has changed somehow, that she harbors dark ambitions of some sort. Enter Dame Adira, a Fell Knight of the Empire tasked with suppressing a burgeoning rebellion led by an enigmatic former general of Arahn named Fynn.

Adira's loyalties will be tested, machinations will be unveiled, and what erupts goes beyond imagining for those of the world of Terra...

Quick ATB battle system to make battling enemies a breezy experience
Overworld mini-map
Enemy Encounter Gauge
3D scenes and some maps as well
Quest system to keep track of what your current objectives are in the main
story and side-quests

Tilesets by FSM, Komodo, Kadokawa, Bokou, Falken14, PandaMaru, Pipoya
Cannons by Avy
Airship Parts by Gabrelik
Icons by Avy and Marimo
Music by Peritune Material, Murray Atkinson, Brupibo, Daryl Barnes, Orchestral Music Pro, Alec Weesner, Frank Herrlinger, Eric Matyas
Sound Effects by Komodo, Gravity Sound
Enemies by Thalzon
Programming: Fossil Team, Visustella, CGMZ, Cutievirus, Mokusei Penguin, Reisen, Moghunter, Hime, Fomar0153, Galv, Caethryril, SumRndmDde, Fallen Angel Olivia, Yanfly, Navash, Tsukimi, KoTC, Zevia | ST0RMTiger, Pheonix KageDesu, Marrend, CT_Bolt
Custom assets & design by Spheresoft

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Hi, Any updates on the release date? Cant wait to play it.
Hi, Any updates on the release date? Cant wait to play it.

Thanks for the interest! I just uploaded a Pre-Alpha demo with about 45 minutes or so of gameplay on itch. It's a little something that I hope people will enjoy and get a taste of the game. I'll be linking to that download on here shortly.
Glade to hear this:) looking forward to playing. Thnx
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