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Hello everybody! I am elduator and I want to introduce you to my passion project Moon Children. I’ve been working on this project for years and over time it has gone under a lot of changes (biggest of them all, being no longer a novel- but a videogame-project)!

This page mainly serves for me as a way to look back on the progress and keep myself motivated by weekly updates.
If I may have peeked your attention and you want to follow my journey, I’d be very happy!

The world of Nova is ruled by two Gods.
Edna and Ravi.

In their endless dispute, they let the humans fight their battle. One wants to destroy the world and one wants to save it.
In the midst of this battle our heroes are thrown in.

Destined to either destroy the world or die.

Their fate.. is in the Gods’ hand.

This is a story-driven game, where the player has to make decisions, sealing the fate of the different characters.

The gameplay divides into two sections;

1) the classic isometric SRPG battle-sequences, where the player’s wits and strategies are required

2) the visual novel-sequences where the player follows the journey of the different characters and makes choices, which could alter the lives of each and every one of them.

please look forward to future updates!

Latest Blog

DEVLOG #02: more character sketches + updates

10th of April 2022

Hello everybody and welcome to my 2nd blog post! (Who would have thought, I am still doing them? Haha. Not me!)
And I even uploaded earlier than I promised!

I hope all of you had a great GAMMAK week and you were able to get some progress done with your game-projects!

My week certainly was a .. ride.

I got myself a MacBook Air with the M1 chip + 16GB Ram and it arrived yesterday. Man, let me tell you! Everything I do is working so smoothly now! RPG Maker MZ (the engine I am using for this project) is running so great and the laptop didn't even get one bit hot! I don't regret the with from my old (stupid) mini windows computer, whose fan was about to fly off every time I opened RMMZ.
And everything is much more convenient, since I am drawing on my iPad Air. Though I am still in the testing and trying around phase.

This week I continued working on the character sketches. I drew A LOT, as those who saw my uploads on the Discord server certainly can tell. You see, the majority I drew this week were women, which doesn't mean the majority of characters in my game are women.
Just haven't drawn all the men yer,

So.. let's start with the usual procedure!

the character sketches drawn with Procreate

speedpaint video of the sketches
Note: The general poses were drawn with "base-stamp-brushes" purchased from Disyukov and Tattooeasy

Finished character sketches: 15/20

Since I got my MacBook, this week I'll..

  • set up the RMMZ project

  • maybe implement some systems from the 2020 version

  • set up a mock up

  • maybe make a game-dev stream on Twitch! (let me know if you are interested in joining!)

But also have to finish the last 5 character sketches (the missing male characters) and maybe start with the lineart. :')

I hope all of you have an enjoyable Sunday and a great start in the week!
Let the GAMMAK-Gods be in your favor!



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