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you’re dying. it hurts. it isn’t fair.

a game i made in 2 or 3 days. its very short, but has a few different endings. content warning for general horror, gore and death. you can read the readme file in the zip for more, or ask me if you want more info before playing.

- original commentary from the download page, circa 2016


An RPGMaker game that I made a few years ago (originally from 2016 - I am submitting this in 2022). It was my first game, and, as such, is a little rough around the edges and/or clumsily executed - considering I was both a first-timer to the RPGMaker software as well as a teenager. In all honesty, the game is a little cringe and edgy.
The playtime is only about 20-30 minutes at most (for a full run, including getting multiple endings), and could very well be even less than that depending on how much time you spend exploring or poking around. I'll reiterate that this is a very short game, and can ultimately be explained better as more of an attempt at an interactable art piece. Because the original download page (which was on tumblr) is now long gone, the game has been unavailable to download for 6-7 years. I decided that it was to upload it here for posterity and archival purposes.

As for a more apt summary of the game plot (as opposed to a description explaining the original nature of the project):
A game about dealing with blame, death, and an accident.
Navigate a barren and somewhat tormenting hospital setting as a nameless protagonist - Patient 12, investigating the reason as to why you've ended up there. Waking up without a clue or a lead as to what to do, wander the halls searching for an explanation - anything you can wrap your mind around. Across a few alternate endings, you'll learn that the mind is a powerful tool in determining how things end...

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