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This is a remake of Devil of the Mirror (鏡ノ悪魔) - a short puzzle/horror game made by Tokiiro Kaeru (時彩 蛙) in the year of 2017. The remake is made in RPG Maker MV and includes 2 new endings, a bit more extended story, and high resolution movies.

Striving to escape her futile existence, a lonely and sick girl is performing a spell upon a mirror, wishing for friends and for a better life... But she didn't know that the mirror she used was holding a demonic entity in it. Will that spell be a blessing for the girl... or a curse?

The game contains:
* Gorgeous arts and backgrounds
* Video movies
* Simple, but touching story
* Playtime that varies from 30 minutes to 3 hours
* 6 endings

Note: the game wasn't made by me, however I have a developer's permission to translate and share it.

Game's page on freem:

Official developer's page:

Developer's twitter:

Download links: (translation by Patchy Illusion Team):

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