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When it's storming outside, and mom and dad are out at work, there's not a whole lot to do.

In this game, you meet the kids of the Larsen family as they spend their Saturday afternoon at home alone during a rainstorm. Unable to play outside like they usually would, they bum around in the basement together playing video games and designing new types of tools they can use once they get to go back out into the woods. However, after the youngest sibling, Jeeson, claims he saw a ghost in his bedroom, the eldest devise a plan to prank him. Of course, chaos ensues.

A very short RPG Maker game to celebrate the 3 year anniversary (5/29) of a story I made. I really just made this for my friends and I, but I decided there's no harm in putting it online :}

This was a side project I worked on between bouts of work, school, and my primary project, which I plan on having done by the first half of next year.

All in-game assets are created by me, music is AI generated (except title screen and beta house).

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