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Hello everyone! This is my submission to the 6th Annual Driftwood Gaming Game Jam "Build Your Own Game Jam"! I picked the themes "Purple" and "Survival" for this entry. https://itch.io/jam/build-your-own-game-jam/rate/980407

The game had the honor of having 7th place for the overall ratings of the jam.


In the Galaxy of Xerxes, Year 258 A.XW. (After Xerian War), a mysterious Erran Man named "Axephus" awakens in the New H.E.A.L Facility where he is being experimented on unethically due to his psychic abilities. Will Axephus be able to escape this facility and survive?


- Fast-paced turn-based battles

- Immersive Sci-fi setting

- Short and gameplay focused

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Thanks so much once again for playing Maston! <3 ^_^

And ohh, well at the end,
he's finally able to regain his memories permanently and well, go back to his own life, but now as a hybrid experiment. xD :D
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