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Sacred Reviews: Faded Blue


"Faded Blue" is an action RPG being developed by Faye using RPG Maker MV that was created for the 2022 Indie Game Maker Contest known as the rebirth. A contest that was intended to be yearly but has seen a lot of notable gaps in terms of when it was held and the submissions from some of the earlier contests have been lost to the sands of time. Unfortunately this submission for the 2022 Indie Game Maker Contest only exists in the form of a demo. And there hasn't been any major updates about this game in a long time. In fact, the most recent demo build was uploaded in early August of 2022. So the likelihood of this project seeing completion is a bit up in the air. After all, I've gone on hiatus for a while when it comes to certain projects only to drop a few updates and disappear again or push myself to finish said project up in order to clear my schedule for something new. So I really can't say if this is a live project or a dead one. Though I suppose I should focus on discussing the stuff that is available to the public instead of wondering whether this game will see completion or not.


You play as Juno, a brave young girl, whose run out of strawberries. So she has no choice but to leave to her sky island and head into town in order to get some from the gatherer. Sadly the price for 100 berries is pretty steep since a treant has been making the gatherer's job a living nightmare and June is flat out broke. Thankfully the gatherer knows Juno carries a sharp blade and knows how to take names. So he's willing to give us some free food in exchange for getting the treant out of his way. A deal were forced to accept if we don't want to starve to death. And this is as far as this summary can go since I got so frustrated with how combat works in this game that I gave up after a couple of failed attempts to defeat the treant.

Greatest Strength/Weakness

I'll admit I really didn't get that far into the game's narrative so it's a bit hard to pin down a narrative strength going for this project, but I do feel the narrative is a bit off tonally. On one hand it's pretty obvious were not meant to take this game all that seriously with Juno's method of getting into town involving her riding a penguin and in order to reach her ride she jumps off her island and free falls into some flowers that are soft enough to cushion her impact with the ground. On the other hand you can get into some rather philosophical conversations with some of the NPCs in this game that ponder about what they'll be like in their next life as well as if they even want a next life at all.


On the gameplay front the game is pretty weak in my opinion. For starters combat in this game if the treant battle is anything to go by are effectively turn-based and real-time at the same time. On the turn-based side of this equation you can only attack the treant after it's performed a bunch of attacks and needs to take a short break to recover. A break that seems to last as long as necessary for the player to come up and attack the treant. Though, I'll admit I really haven't tested how long you can wait before losing your turn. At the same time you need to dodge attacks in real-time when it's not your turn to attack the treant. And in order to avoid the treant's attacks you'll need to make use of Juno's moon dash by pressing the q key during battle.

As for why this combo is weak in my opinion it means the game lacks the frenetic pace you'd expect out of a real-time combat system, but also lacks the calm pace that comes with turn-based combat. In other words this game manages to inherit the flaws of both systems for the most part without having any of the strengths of these systems. Though, I'll admit that might just be my opinion since I know TheRpgmakerAddict actually likes the combat in this game.

Graphics and Sound

On the graphical and sound side of things the game uses a lot of custom assets. Though there are a few RTP tracks and whatnot here and there if you know what to look for. On the other hand the custom graphical assets are nice, but there is just something about their look that irritates me.

Though I'm feeling hard pressed to come up with an adequate description for what I don't like about them. I don't know if it's just me being overly picky or what.


As it stands I'd suggest giving this project a pass. After all, it's been in a demo state for a pretty long time with no apparent progress being made. And I really don't like recommending incomplete games to people unless they are under active development and even then I'm hesitant since a lot of projects that reach the demo stage never get finished. A good example of this is "Ellie Starling's Very Long Walk" by everybear.