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New Character Preview: Silas Black

  • Nick
  • 08/24/2022 10:26 AM
Hello everyone,

I updated the main description to include a profile on another character that your character Synch meets on their journey. But this character isn't new to Synch, rather an old friend named Silas Black. Silas will act as a guide in the beginning, to introduce you to the city you'll be calling home. Here you'll also find a new screenshot, from the diner where you'll meet Silas.

Silas Black

An old friend of Synch from when they were kids, Silas is a corporate raider who has recently experienced some bad times after a business deal went bad. Acting as Synch's guide to Kaanalos City, does Mr. Black have Synch's best interests at heart.. or just his own?

More to come!