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This is a story about life and origins.You will play the role of the 23008689th born sperm cell, fighting and advancing to fulfill the mission of life, to become a famous legend.
Your actions will influence how life turns out.
May you be succesful in your ambitious endeavours!

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Name of the sperm cell born in 23008689th position which has distinguished itself in the cell selection contest.

Sperm cell born in the 2113659235th position which was unable to go to the Temple of the Womb and remains in spirit to educate future offspring.

Mr. T - T Cell
One of the immune cells in the spiritual body and is cold and reticent. He decided to assist the sperm to go to the Eucharist by chance.

Otto - Prostate
One of the most passionate and extroverted prostate cells which has detached from the organ itself because of its big, bold personality. It wanders in the vital organs of the soul.

Cooper - Probiotics
One of the probiotics that acts with the prostate gland to provide various nutrients which strengthen the immune system of the body. The strain is unknown and likes to listen to the prostate.

Classic Battle Flag gameplay
With classic turn-based battle flag gameplay, every action will determine the outcome of the battle!

Lead your troops into battle
In addition to the main characters, you can also produce a variety of cells to help you in your battles

Diverse Genetic Transformations
Use genetic switching to transform your traits to meet the challenges on the battlefield

Free upgrade configurations
No more worries about having a cold character, you can freely allocate experience values

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