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Game made for Swap in 3 Middle with You.

First half made by Liberty.
Second half absolutely destroyed by me, yours truly.

Happy Birthday! And now you're 18! The sun is shining, and you yearn for the longing of freedom, think of the lush green field and adventures waiting for you to explore and venture!

Well, that's until you paid your long overdue rent to your evil greedy overlord, that is.

Play as a very normal average girl named Teishi, where she'll be forced to try her best, and in anyway to pay her very long overdue rent since her father passed 3 years ago.

Will you commit crimes to pay the rent? Or will you be a goody two shoes and work your way up and earn legit money to pay the rent? Perhaps find a new place to call home?

Or....will you just beat your evil greedy overlord and own the land instead?

Latest Blog

Teishi tale, I went to borrow a pc and downloaded my own game because my backup is dead, installed vx ace to further fix the gam

Welcome back to another tale of Teishi's tale!

Special thanks to the players that reported the issue and for playing the game!
I apologize for the amount of issues you've encountered in the game ^^"

The following stuff has been adjust/change/fix:
-Fixed a teleportation event that prevented players from leaving the snow castle.
-Fixed a missing file issue when trying to "borrow" armor from Tomachi.
-Added a sign for directions in Helvar.
-Now all equip should state which stats is increased in their description.
-Slightly decreased each armor and weapon's bonus HP for Teishi.
-Increased the selling price for both fishes by 100G.
-Treasure chest from fishing now only drops good/average items. Specifically, both bad outcome, fishes are gone. However the chance of receiving an empty chest remains.
-Increased the selling price of Treasure Chest.
-The stairs before the boss is now hidden, you'll need to find a switch to activate it, as stated from the merchant npc.
-Paper plane is now a viable item! Use it to confuse your enemy. Take that, bookworms.
-Slightly increased wind damage, very slightly, like 10.

-Spirit's Blessing is now a Magic skill that costs MP instead of special and used TP.
-Removed Special Skill Category.
-Added a holy element weakness to the final boss.
-Reduced weapon's ATK and increased its MATK.
-Spirit Blessing now also adds MATK for 3 turns.
-Slightly increased grass touching damage, 10.

These adjustments are made specifically to allow Alena to deal damage to the boss with her skill, even on her initial level.


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Future Ruler of Gam Mak
Oho, a real life simulator then? Alright, I'll make sure to see how realistic it is.
You did a great job!
Cool game! Had fun... anyway only one issue I found and happened twice.
(I was coming from the upper map)

so save often and/or pay attention (don't be like me! -_-')
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