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This game was made for the RPG2s Cursed Contest.
The theme of the contest was for the game to feature a curse to be inflicted upon a character and lifted by the end of the game.

Pyre takes place in a world where seven beasts of sin have led mankind astray and threaten to plunge the land into utter chaos. A lone Paladin stands to attempt to purge them from the land, taking their curse upon himself and immolating himself unto a holy fire to cleanse it forever.

It's a very short game with focus on battle tactics.

INSTRUCTIONS: Arrow keys to move, X for menu/cancel, Z to interact/confirm.

Latest Blog

Game update (18/11/2022)

-Fixed serveral untranslated/bugged strings of text
-Added a line to the beginning of the game, reminding the player to check their inventory to see the effects of curses.
  • Completed
  • ZorotheGallade
  • RPG Maker VX Ace
  • RPG
  • 11/05/2022 06:23 PM
  • 01/30/2024 04:42 AM
  • 11/01/2022
  • 3309
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