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This game is in no way affiliated with the final fantasy franchise
(Credit to Final Fantasy R for some of the sprites and music ports)
This game is made with RPG maker MZ

Final Fantasy Y's story is about how the main character Paladin hates what Kefka and Shinra are doing so he try's to do it himself but he knows he cant so he hires Shadow a trained assassin, he breaks into a facility of Kefka's and destroys Kefka and Shinra's project! Kefka angry at what Paladin and Shadow have done puts them in jail, but Paladin and Shadow find a hole in the wall so they go through it and are leaving when they get caught by a security robot they take it out Shadow leaves because he was hired only to do that Paladin gets on a train and leaves half way through the train ride a band of robbers attack Paladin takes them out, But the robbers boss appears Paladin knows he can't do it alone. Just then, Cloud Strife appears to help save the day they defeat the robbers boss and get to they're destination they take out the leader in the operation but not in time for him to call backup the backup arrives shadow finds them and helps, but just as they thought they were fine, BAM they had kidnapped Paladin. Shinra's guards lit the building on fire! Cloud and Shadow get out, now they go to find Paladin, they get Paladin back and confront the Emperor, Emperor Kefka they attack him but it's to late he has already harvested the power of the Crystals Witch are also the Whole reason the planet is still intact. Kefka uses the power of the Crystals to make himself supreme leader. Meanwhile the heroes fled to they're helicopter only for it to get shot down by Kefka the band of heroes get split up. The rest of the story you follow the main Character Paladin along his quest to find his friends he finds Edgar and Sabin the two Figaro brothers, he finds shadow and then goes to the Slums 2.0 where him and his ally's find Dadaluma a kung Fu master after they beat him they go through a underground pathway too a shore of the other side of the island they go to a tower, find Sephiroth, defeat Sephiroth, then they hear Shadow Yell in pain, they go to check him out but he is gone! Then the general of Shinra tells Cloud to attack the Heroes! The heroes wound Cloud enough to take off the mind control crown, they realize that if they want to save Shadow they have to do it NOW so they go to the research Castle where they think Shadow is. They get there and turns out that they are about to turn Shadow into a Mindless Slave to them, the scientist presses the button but right then Paladin uses all his strength to swap places with Shadow saving Shadow. Shadow and the rest of the heroes leave to try to stop Kefka and save Paladin they find Setzer who has a airship still so they use it to find Kefka they find him and Defeat him Kefka is Defeated and the world is finally at peace.

When entering combat, the player is presented with a menu of options such as Attack, Magic, Item, and Flee. Each character in the party has their own unique set of abilities and stats, allowing for strategic combinations and team compositions. The player must carefully choose their actions each turn, taking into account the enemy's strengths and weaknesses, as well as any buffs or debuffs affecting both sides. Timing is also crucial, as some abilities may take longer to execute and can be interrupted by enemy attacks. Successful battles result in experience points and loot, allowing the player to level up their characters and acquire new gear. With challenging battles and a wide variety of options, the turn-based combat in our game offers a rewarding and engaging experience for players of all skill levels.

there may be some bugs, spelling errors etc. tell me if you find them and I will try to patch them.

This game is still a work in progress so it is not finished yet.

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When downloading make sure you go to downloads not download now this way you can get the newest version (version 1.1 had some game breaking bugs that i fixed in version 1.2 for example)
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