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Pokemon Painful Purple is a brand new Pokemon story, and what an unique one at that!

Your laptop goes missing so you go out looking for it, Yet after you ask various people, you get nowhere!

So you go visit your mentally unwell friend and ask about it, and you figure out that it got stolen! Youre not letting this shit slide though, you wont give up until the blood soaks your fingers! You will get that peice of shit from 2013 back even if you have to kick ass to do it!

This Fangame also features alot of custom content! Yeah, there was a slight amount of effor behind it!

Features include but arent limited to:

- Crude humor!

- A Brand New tottaly original soundtrack!

- New overpowered Pokemon and more to come!

- About an hour of story! ...I dunno exactly though, i dont keep track of time too well..

- Probably Bugs! (Please report those if you come across any! Ill be very thankful!)

- And more things to come!

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