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Meet Lily -- a toddler full of energy and raring to go! And after watching some cartoons, she's inspired to go on a little adventure of her own! With the level of confidence that only a four-year-old could muster, she darts off, wondering what will await her on her adventure...

Blast through stages full of fast-paced gameplay while collecting as many sweets as you can. Slide down ziplines, make daring jumps, and plow through baddies in this ultimate test of your reflexes. Find the hidden rings to access the special stages and collect all of the chaos cakes. The fun is never over in Lily's Sugar Rush!

As of now, only a demo is available, containing a sampling of levels, special stages and a boss. The full game will have more levels, more secrets to discover and multiple endings.

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  • 06/24/2023 04:43 AM
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