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You play as Stella, who has been invited to an event by her friend.
However, after a while of being there, this friend is nowhere to be seen.
Could she possibly have left without her?
While wondering, Stella stumbles upon a strange stairway...

Gameplay length: Around 1 hour.
This game has no horror content, and is intended to be a calming experience.
It's pretty straightforward, and only has one ending.
A walkthrough is available here!

Downloads and translations
Alternate download: https://quiesphere.itch.io/the-stairway

The game is available here in English and Spanish, but more translations can be found in the following pages:

A million thanks to all the translators for their amazing work!

IMPORTANT: If the font looks very unreadable, install the font "RM2000 8" located in the game folder. This should make the correct font show up.

✦ ✦ ✦

This was my very first game, made in 2015.
I have learned a lot more since then and I would have made it very different now, but regardless, I hope you enjoy it!

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