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Welcome to Undershadows. In this point and click horror adventure you control a child who has been robbed of his soul and being dragged into a dark world. Now it's up to you to regain your lost soul and uncover the mysteries of the dark path that lies ahead...


Indie Db Link:
Undershadows Game Site

Steam Link:
Undershadows Steam Link

One day the light appeared, out of it the shadows were born. Creatures born of light and banished to the eternal depths of darkness.

For a long time these shadows lived in peace with each other, but the shadows loved the light too much, they began to get addicted to him...

And so began a war for the dominion of the great light...

But there was neither a loser nor a winner. The light disappeared in a massive explosion and the light shattered in millions of millions of pieces and spread throughout the shadow lands.

Thousand years passed and the kingdom of shadows learned to live without light, until that day...

You're a kid who loves to play video games. But one day everything changes...

Now our story begins...


Existing features:

  • Play as a boy or girl! I drew everything twice...

  • A dark story with twists, which come to a head over time (20+ hours of playtime)

  • A completely hand-drawn world (800 fully animated scenes)

  • A real-time point and click combat system

  • Huge boss fights over several phases

  • A trainable shadow that can be evolved (over 20 transformations)

  • A semi-open world, everything can be traveled again later (fast travel)

  • Complete side quests that are way deeper than they look

  • Solve puzzles and uncover the secrets of an ancient culture

  • A strange companion that just can't shut up

Planned features:

  • A map that updates with your discoveries

  • A lore containing information about the Shadowlands and their inhabitants

  • In-game achievement for the game (for 100% enthusiasts)

Train your shadow and evolve it

Sloth Shadow (Lv.30)
Always fights automatically! Unless the program is boring and he falls asleep...

More than 20 Transformations

Cat Shadow (Lv.10)

Study Shadow (Lv.20)

Chef Shadow (Lv.25)

Judge Shadow (Lv.25)

Wreck Shadow (Lv.20

The Horror lurks at every corner

Fight against your opponents, real time point & click combat system

Enemys: Their styles and what they can do

Undershadows has many special types of enemies, some of them are regular enemies, but there are other types as well, some like...

Projectile Type:

Shoots projectiles at the player

Riddle Type:

Solve puzzles and discover their secrets to defeat them

Transforming Type:
This type of enemy changes the lower his life is, there can always be new surprises...

Deadly Type:
This type of enemy can kill you instantly if you're not careful

Fight against huge bosses!

Many death scenes! The death lurks everywhere!

Solve puzzles and discover the secrets of the shadows!

Latest Blog

Undershadows Demo Update [8.6]

First of all, thank you again!
Everything is slowly coming together to form a picture,
but there are still many things that will be added as it is completed!
For now, here is a new update for the game Undershadows!

Undershadows Demo Update 8.6

Fixes Bug & Crashes:

  • Fixes a bug after the second choice of transformation

  • Fixes a sound bug after visit the inside of the big tree

  • Fixes a crash after visit the forest of the shades

  • Fixed a bug after defeating omog

  • Fixed a bug before you reached the portal at the beginning

  • Fixed a sound bug in the caves

Add New:
  • The caves were expanded (snail party?)

  • Once the Book of Trees has been found, the Tree's Dungeon can now be explored

  • New death sequences

  • New enemies and adjustments

And many other small adjustments and changes that help improve the gaming experience!

That's it for today, I continue to work in the shadows and try to create the best gaming experience possible :)

Thanks again for those who send me error screenshots every day!

The Kickstarter Campaign will start soon! Stay tuned!
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  • ChelseaGrinEden
  • RPG Maker MZ
  • Adventure Puzzle RPG
  • 08/21/2023 05:09 PM
  • 12/04/2023 09:14 PM
  • 12/24/2025
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