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Galactic Year 24252. The place is the Andromeda Galaxy.

The Andromedan Wars ended with the collapse of the Kodai Federation, and the ruination of the once prosperous Astral League. It is a difficult time of rebuilding across the galaxy, many worlds were either destroyed or left in ruins, and the Astral League has fallen into corruption and decadence. The nefarious criminal organization Blood Diamond and their rivals, the Epoch Planets Corporation have begun a war of their own to claim what remains of the Astral League, influencing the League's government to their own ends with innocent lives caught in the crossfire.

As this happens, an even greater threat approaches the galaxy - an unknown invading force intent on conquering and destroying everything in their path. After the peaceful planet Melmon falls under their control, the young freelance fighter Maya tries to go to Valis, the capital of the Astral League, to warn of the approaching invasion.

This demo covers the first three hours of Astral Fantasy. In this demo you will get the opportunity to use three characters and master a number of magic spells and deadly skills to fight an army of space pirates, robots, alien monsters and the deadly cybernetic invaders of Melmon.

NOTE: Some of the music used in this game is not original work and was taken from wwww.vgmusic.com and other sources. These placeholders songs in time will be replaced with original compositions.

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Future Ruler of Gam Mak
You got your first sub, looking forward to trying out the demo!
Besides some minor easy to fix issues, it was a very enjoyable 3 hour demo. I think my favorite portion (without spoiling) is from about the midway point until the ending. I felt like there was a lot of good story moments and world building in that section.

Great work, and I look forward to seeing where this game goes moving forward.
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