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Progress Report

Im bored, so i decided im gonna write a little progress report about this project.
Im about 75% done with the story i think? i dunno, im considering making it longer than currently planned, but at the same time does this game really need to be any longer? If i feel like i have enough good ideas then ill definetely go longer, but if not then ill just do what is already planned (which so far i think is just about enough for a kickass expirience). After that i can start working on the enhanced mode of the game, which is gonna be a sort of new game+ of sorts for the game, its gonna let you mess around with various cheats and modified item behavior! if you ever played the enhanced mode of Postal 2 then you know what youre getting into, and since that games enhanced mode was really fun i wanna do something similiar! I also wanna redo some of the art like the enemy sprites, some face sprites, the title screen and potentially a custom windowskin. Another idea i had is to have a sort of bonus pack alongside the game, with some art, ideas, videos and various stuff from the development cycle of the game, i think itd be pretty cool so let me know what you think! Lastly, im hoping to have the full game out by around the end of march, but i cant promise anything cause school has been kinda kicking my ass lately so im kinda busy..