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We saved the world... Now what?
The classic tale, the Hero and the Demon has reached its conclusion. And so, Yuusha, Glynn, and Volza finished their story, the world was saved, and all was peaceful... Most of the students seemed satisfied with the story's conclusion, but a question left Mr. Elias unable to answer, as a student spoke up. "But then what happened, sir? What did the Yuusha do next?"

The book had reached its ending and only a blank page with the words "PAGE INTENTIONALLY BLANK" comes after. Why do they do that, anyway? Mr. Elias pondered that for a moment, before noticing someone had scribbled on the page! They drew the Yuusha in an all new land. Certainly far from Landia, he imagined.

This of course has tanked the value of a classic hardback copy of the Hero and the Demon... And yet, Mr. Elias wasn't angry. In fact, he found himself inspired by the creativity of the student who wrote in the book. "Where do you think the Yuusha went?" he asked the students. And so they were given the assignment to draw what they felt happened next.

"I bet they went to space!"
"Or to the bottom of the ocean!"

Before long, the students were drawing pictures of the Yuusha in all sorts of new places, with all sorts of new friends, and before the class was over, Mr. Elias had a pile of pictures on his desk. Inspired by the imagination of the students, he found himself idly writing in the book himself.

Epilogue Adventures
Epilogue Adventures is a Torch60 RPG primarily developed by Agent Ape with permission and input from Sgt M. Make your own custom characters or play as returning characters from our past games, such as Brave Hero Yuusha, Soma Spirits, and Soma Union.

Character Customization
Design retro-styled characters with an easy-to-use character creator. You can even export the characters you create and share them with other fans!

You can fully customize the graphics of your character with a simple sprite system that utilizes the same sprite-flipping tricks old RPGs use.

Assign them stats, skills, and more to really make characters your own.

Their colors work like an old RPG as well, split into two palettes; one for top and bottom half of the sprite.

Lots to collect!
Collect hats, monsters, friends, and more!

You can equip Gear to any character, including custom ones--these are generally hats and miscellaneous other things that let you customize the cosmetics of your character.

You can even paint them to change the colors!

Using the Capture skill, collect nearly any monster the game will throw at you, use their skills in battle, and give them Gear as well! They can also follow you around in the overworld and keep you company.

Travel Pals
Collect characters from past Torch60 games and new ones from Epilogue Adventures in an expansive list of over 300 Travel Pals! They can join you for adventures. They won't help in battle, but they're just happy to be along for the ride. Travel Pals also have their own shops where they sell decorations.

Decor and House Customization
Collect furniture, whether it be a chair, a table, or a big ol' statue of Cardboard Bob, and put it in your own personal house. There are over 200 decor items to find! You can even set down Travel Pals, Monsters, Gear, standard items and more to really make the house your own.

Multiple Campaigns
This game includes multiple Stories, which connect to each other via meta-saves. Any Gear, Travel Pal,captured Monster or Custom Character will transfer between stories.

Travel through the Story Beyond and jump right into the books containing new stories to discover.

The Treasure of Song Isle
Story by: Ape
The Spirit of Music has been sealed away on Song Isle, an island chain known for its love of music, and it's up to you to unseal it! Collect the sacred instruments and journey throughout the world as you solve puzzles and meet new friends that help you explore with their powers.

Soma Spirits Remix
Story by: Ape+Sgt M
Heart and Soul have begun to restore the balance and are preparing for their final trial in the citadel. The two worlds of Soma are beginning to merge, and in this state, navigating the five worlds first featured in Soma Spirits won't be easy, and to make matters worse, Boss Pages from other stories have been dropping into each world. Tackle the worlds in any order as the enemies change in level depending on how far into the story you are and bosses will be randomly pulled from other stories; you can replay the game and start in a different world for a different experience.

And more!
While we aim to launch with those initial campaigns, there is the possibility of extra campaigns down the line.

Other features:
-Two soundtracks: one modern, and one NES style, in similar vein to Brave Hero Yuusha EX.
-Dynamic Music: Soma Spirits Remix contains redone versions of Soma Spirits songs, and as you shift between joyful and sorrowful sections of the map, the music will change without restarting.
-Mole Arcade: An arcade filled with minigames and fun things to do. This is the best way to collect a lot of Travel Pals quickly!

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Sir Redd of Novus: He who made Prayer of the Faithless that one time, and that was pretty dang rad! :D
Interesting premise. Subbed.
Subbed! It makes me wonder if a certain angry dad, who happens to wear a pink shirt, might make an appearance...
There may be a few other fun cameo characters coming down the line, too. :)
You're magical to me.
Yay, it's here! :DDDD So exciting to see this getting a gamepage! ^_^
Will you add the abiliy to dismiss party members in case we want to do a solo challenge run?
There is actually already implementation for that, as well as an assortment of challenge options. In the settings I have that as "Lone Wolf". You can't fully dismiss them though as they do interact and participate in cutscenes and overworld gameplay mechanics still. That said, the battles are a bit aggressive and definitely designed around having a healer on your team, so a solo challenge may be pretty difficult, so I've left it as a toggle that can be switched at any time!

You can also individually toggle whether you'd like to obtain experience and gold and there's a toggle-able stat-based hard mode as well, so people looking for a challenge run or replays using the customization will definitely be able to scratch that itch!

I'd like to go into more detail on the character customization in an upcoming blogpost, but the game is very much designed with player choice and customization first, so I definitely want to include the ability to tailor your difficulty and play the game in the way you find fun.
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