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The world of Miria is on the brink, the war 30 years ago led to the destruction of the Valkner nation and its home continent. Now, a new threat faces the inhabitants of Miria, as the mysterious Pillars of the World are assailed by their would-be guardians, will heroes rise to the situation and save the world? Or will the balance of the world ride on the shoulders of a dysfunctional group of morons? Oh dear, I fear for Miria.

Immerse yourself in the deep lore of Miria and the mysteries that await in breathtaking RTP graphics! The game features:
-Breathtaking RTP graphics! Wow!
-Three continents rich in deep history and mythology, forget Elder Scrolls, this is the next Skyrim. Go back to the chess club Todd Howard!
-You get to drive a tank. Does it do anything? Play to find out! (yes)
-You get to name the dog!
-Compelling characters full of flaws and motivation to... to not get incarcerated!
-You get to name the dog!

This game was originally developed and released for the Boulevard of Broken 2k3 Dreams event.

Latest Blog

Release DEMO

Alighty, the event deadline came and we ended uploading a short demo, it was my job to stitch all of our work together into a nice experience, but I messed up and lost a lot of progress and ended up only being able to upload a super short demo, that was not even beatable because the healing items didn't work! That mistake has been rectified with DEMO 1.1.

What is to come? Well, we are pretty much determined to finish the game and will do so by releasing a more complete DEMO sometime in the coming week, so look forward to that! We had about 50% of the game material finished and we're all pretty excited to deliver the game, specially the bits where you get to drive the tank, because driving a tank is fun.


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This game has a tank. I like tanks.

Even my maker score has become a tank.
Future Ruler of Gam Mak
This game has a tank. I like tanks.

Even my maker score has become a tank.

Truly, one of the tanks of all time.
The I in Vaccaria stands for "I alone am the honored one".
what the dog doing
Looks pretty cool so far!

Holy shit my score is a tank that is cool as fuck
Amazing team, excited to check this out! :)
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