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Sarah, a young anthropology student, finds herself inexplicably drawn to a small island off the coast of Italy through her dreams. Unsure of what she's even looking for, she arrives on the island, and is greeted by the mayor, Victor. While Victor seems friendly enough, the rest of the island behaves strangely towards Sarah, giving her silent, creepy stares and refusing to interact with her.

Finding herself settled in the village inn, Sarah's strange dreams begin to shift into nightmares. A red tide surrounds the island as an abandoned house beckons her inside, and the more she stays on the island, the more her dreams begin to blend into reality. Something is guiding Sarah, but to what end?


Red Tide is an adventure horror game I was working on for the most recent Swap in the Middle event, but unfortunately I never ended up getting to the stage I wanted with it, so I never ended up submitting. I'm mainly submitting it on the site for the Vapor2k3wave achievement on the Boulevard of Broken 2k3 Dreams event, but it's currently cancelled, although I have some interest in returning to it in the future.

If it ever gets completed, it will be a short (~30 minute long) experience inspired very heavily by the 1993 movie Dark Waters. My main interest was to make a horror game with an interesting historical setting, and the game is meant to be pretty simple and kinda cheesy.

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