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While exploring an abandoned mansion perched atop a high cliff, a pink-haired girl encounters a strange wisp that leads her into an alternate dimension. However, when her only path back home mysteriously vanishes, she discovers she must collect ten magical masks in order to escape. Unless, of course, something... or someone... succeeds in stopping her and trapping her forever inside.

Stroll around through rather beautiful (or rather terrible) sights as you try to make sense of her strange situation.

This "game" was created for the Boulevard of Broken 2k3 Dreams event. While I was originally going to make a Yume Nikki-style walking simulator, I haven't played Yume Nikki in like 8 years and was trying to recall the style & plot of the game from memory alone. Would've been silly, but also turned out to be a little ambitious for my schedule.

I super duper pinky promise I'll come back to it when I get out of college ( <- sentences that can be said in 2003 and 2023 and still have the same outcome)

Links to the resources used in the screenshots are below.

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Are you ever going to complete this? I think it looks interesting.
Are you ever going to complete this? I think it looks interesting.

honestly, i would love to come back to this! i like chasing events, so after The Simple Times finishes up, i'll definitely try working on it again!
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