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Step on Through to the Other Side - GameOverGames Productions
Spoiler, Highlight Text To Read Walkthrough:
Go up as far as possible. Right twice. Down three times. Right twice. Down one. Right three times. Walk up to and interact with mirror to be transported inside the huge mirror. Up once. Left three times. Down once. Left two times. Down three times. Left four times. Up two times. Left three times. Up twice, the interact with lever. Down four times. Left once. Down once. Left twice. Up twice, and interact with mirror to be transported back outside the huge mirror. Right once. Down twice. Right twice. Down once, and pull lever. Up four times. Right once. Up once. Right again. Up again. Freedom!

Befuddlin Riddles - GameOverGames Productions

Walk up and interact with the crystal ball on the table to learn that you need to answer the riddles correctly to pass.

He who makes me doesn't need me,
He who buys me doesn't want me,
He who uses me doesn't feel me.
Answer (Spoiler, Highlight to Reveal): coffin

I have forests without trees,
and rivers without water.
I have mountains without rocks,
and cities without houses.
Answer (Spoiler): map

I am only useful when I am full,
Yet I am always full of holes.
Answer (Spoiler): sponge

When I am filled I can point the way,
When I am empty nothing moves me,
I have two skins one without and one within.
Answer (Spoiler): glove

I am, in truth, a yellow fork, by inadvertent fingers dropped.
The awful cutlery, of mansions never quite disclosed,
and never quite concealed, the apparatus of the dark, to ignorance revealed.
Answer (Spoiler): lightning

Shop Simulator - Liberty
General Walkthrough (Highlight to read)
You'll want to try to unlock as many items as you can in order to get more money. You will also want to save most of your money to buy more expensive items. Here's what I recommend.

Sell five potions and mana waters at reduced price. This will help build up the CH bar and unlock the stimulant item. Next sell five stimulants at normal prices to unlock the pocket shelter.
After this do not buy any more potions/mana waters/stimulants. This will force customers to buy the more expensive items like weapons and armour.

Having 25 customers will unlock the long sword and long bow, both high money items. Sell five of the Long staff, long bow and long sword to unlock the Ultra Long Weapon of Doom-Doom-DOOM (TM) for very high money.

Selling five Feather Helms and shields will unlock the iron shield and iron helms. Selling five Magic Robes will unlock the Saint Robes. Once you've unlocked these items sell out of their cheaper counterparts and stock only them. You'll soon make enough money to win.

Money Cheat (Highlight to read)
Press {SHIFT} to open the general menu. Third choice will lead you to the cheat menu and choosing the second option will net you free money.
Customer Happiness Cheat (Highlight to read)
Press {SHIFT} to open the general menu. Third choice will lead you to the cheat menu and choosing the third option will reset the CH bar.

Dimensional Rift Walkthrough - Kazesui

Walkthrough Template:
Puzzle Name - Author
Spoiler, Highlight Text To Read Walkthrough: