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- About -

"Melissa - Uma aventura às avessas" ("An Upside-Down Adventure") tells the story of a young princess who is about to inherit a decadent kingdom and is under heavy pressure from all the citizens to be a better ruler then her father. Not knowing what to do, she simply avoids her responsibilities until a strange event occurs. On a day like any other, her entire Royal Army suddenly disappears, forcing her to take action to bring them back. Of course, she couldn't do it on her own without the help of her two friends: a ragged tramp and a big green dragon. With their assistance, she embarks on a reckless adventure with unpredictable consequences.

A dramatic, story-driven game, "Melissa" is divided into threee chapters, each focusing on one of the three protagonists (Melissa, Nilo, and Himineu).
Gameplay is centered around an action battle system and solving puzzles/minigames of varying difficulty levels. Good old turn-based battles may occur at times, as well as numerous humorous jokes.

- Some notes -

1) The current version of the game (2.0) is a demo version. It contains the entire first chapter of the game ("Onde os soldados se escondem?" / "Where do the Soldiers Hide?") and half of the second ("De quem é este problema?" / "Is this Problem Mine?").

2) The game is still entirely in Portuguese. I intend to translate it in the future if possible, once the game is completed. I understand that this could be an issue for non-Portuguese-speaking players, but for those who are willing to give the game a try, its linear gameplay may help guide them in the right direction.

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Looks interesting. I tried it but then I noticed I can't read Portuguese, so I had to quit after 20 seconds. Hope there will be an English version soon.
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