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Heroes of the Seasons is an entry to the RPGmakerweb 2023 Christmas Game Jam! The demo has won the honorable "Fan-Favourite" or "People's Choice" awards in the game jam. This is now a commercial game with new custom art brought to you by Berry, new modes, more stories, more battles, more features, and more playable characters.

This game is a Boss-Rush Turn-Based RPG with Visual Novel Styled storytelling. Hire 3 Mercenaries and protect Christmas with all your might!


Set in the Year 242 A.R. (Arcane Renaissance) in the World of Vyen. Mayor Nelly of Utania Village has started decorating everything with Christmas lights and pretty stars. She had everyone in the village prepare delicious meals and treats for the holidays, and they planned on celebrating Christmas Eve together as a whole village. But one day, the biggest Christmas hater of them all, Frinch, the Goblin King, threatened Utania Village that he would ruin Christmas and destroy everything. We must protect the holidays at all costs! Thankfully, Mayor Nelly found Mercenaries willing to lend their aid in protecting Christmas and preserving the holiday spirit. Help Mayor Nelly and her friends by forming your Heroes of Christmas to fight King Frinch's army!

But wait, how are we sure that King Frinch is the only adversary to the holidays? What if a certain Lovecraftian lord is yearning to end the festivities? Or a jealous demoness with burning desires to destroy the Goddess' festive creation? Or a mere simpleton who's more than meets the eye, pulling the strings? We will never know unless we fight all of the haters.

Boss Rush Mechanics:

Generally, most modes follow this setup, except for Jam Mode, which is easier and faster to finish. You face a wave of mobs, then a boss, and afterward, rest at a camp to buy items, talk to your mercenaries, visit your home to decorate or unwind, save, and open the menu.

After completing three sets of mob waves and bosses, you will face the Final Boss. Upon victory, you can claim rewards and unlockables and keep all the Vyse (Gold) and equipment you've acquired. If you wish, you are then taken back to the mercenary select screen to play another round of the game modes.

Mercenary Types: As you pick your 3 Mercenaries to battle the Christmas-haters and become Heroes of Christmas, you will be able to pick between three types of mercenaries.

Tank: Tank-type mercenaries have high survivability to protect themselves and the party. They can provoke enemies to target them in their allies' stead. Their defenses are initially strong, but most tanks aren't fit to deal heavy damage to enemies.

Nuker: Nuker-type mercenaries are the main damage dealers. They can dish out heavy physical or magical damage to the enemy ranks, but they lack the survivability to protect themselves from enemy retaliation.

Support: Support-type mercenaries are versatile characters who can heal allies HP and MP, give party buffs and shields, and debuff enemies (Depending on the support character's skills.) Their survivability isn't as great as a tank's, and their damage-dealing is not as great as a nuker's, but they're rather decent at both aspects.

Elemental Triangle: Both players and enemies will have Elemental Affinities (Physical, Force, and Arcane) and will be affected by the Elemental Triangle weakness system.

- Fast-Paced Turn Based Battles
- Home decoration
- Fight Challenging Mobs and Bosses as you progress
- Replayability
- Customizable party combinations and gears
- Unlockables
- Fun Character interactions
- Christmas Spirit is everywhere!

Latest Blog

Officially Released on Steam!


Greetings, everyone! I am happy to inform you all that Heroes of the Seasons is now officially released on Steam! You may get it now for $6.99. <3


A free short demo is also available for download. ^_^

I would like to thank my family and friends who have been supportive of me for this. And I would like to thank Berry, the Main artist of this game who worked with me to help me with the final boss design, battle balancing + testing, making an epic trailer + steam promotional art for me, and supporting me so much throughout the development of this game. Thank you to the amazing generous people who donated to this game's crowdfunding that made it possible for me to avail the custom arts services and steam slot for this game. (I will be sending the keys to you, shortly) Thank you to the testers who helped me with feedback and testing this game to improve, and to the people who also gave their insight while this game was under development. Thank you to the 5 people who mysteriously voted this game's demo on the Christmas Jam "Fan Favourite" resulting in the demo winning the award. Thank you to the wonderful people of RMW who hosted and judged during the Christmas Jam for giving me the opportunity to make this game + give their feedback to it as well. And lastly, I wish to thank god/source and my spiritual guides and ancestors for giving me the strength to carry on.

Developing this game to its commercial version consisted of so many sleepless nights and overthinking during the holidays, but it was so much fun and it really allowed me to express my passion and creativity in making RPGs.

With that said, it means so much to me to finally have my second commercial release, and I couldn't have done it without all of you. I hope everyone interested in trying this passion project will enjoy it. Have an amazing day everyone! And stay awesome with your game dev and gamer journeys alike! <3
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  • 12/15/2023 08:19 AM
  • 02/17/2024 12:57 AM
  • 02/07/2024
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I love playing and making games with a boss rush/battle/customization-focused gameplay! Can't wait for this~
I love playing and making games with a boss rush/battle/customization-focused gameplay! Can't wait for this~

Hi Knightowl, thank you so much for checking in and I'm glad you enjoy boss-rush battle-focused games as much as I do. ^^ <3 Stay tuned, the game's full release is closer than you think. ;) <3
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