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Moonlit is a pseudo-rpg rpgmaker horror/puzzle game, and a love letter to rpgmaker horror games of the late 2000s. Can you make it through the moonlit gardens using only a lantern to reveal the spectres that roam its halls?
Explore 3 areas, each with different paranormal enemies and obstacles to uncover what's behind the locked door...

-Simple yet challenging gameplay.
-Short and sweet, or maybe not depending on if you suck at the game or not.
-Many hidden secrets to discover.
-God is there and you can romance it.
-You can grow a fetus on your face.
-Extremely toxic Yuri.
-Weird body horror for no reason

Content warning: this game contains blood, body horror, themes of toxic relationships, as well as artistic nudity/sexual themes (albeit very minimal) player discretion is advised.

Latest Blog

Moonlit Version 1.5

This will probably be the final version of the game released. It's been fun. Don't have much more to add/ fix.


-Changes to God Affinity, it's slightly harder to get DeathSigil! flowerless. (Only slightly)

-Choosing to upgrade Inland Empire now has a small chance to give twice the stat gain (100% at 20 luck).

-Luck is now more clearly explained by the flesh eaters.

-Secret boss(?)

-New item