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Many years ago, the world was governed by six distinct Dragons, each responsible for a power known as an "element." With these powers, these deities controlled the flow of all things, from the forces of the earth to the speed of the winds, the temperature of the lava, the growth of plants, even the ebb and flow of life.

It was then that a race of living beings found a way to access this power. Multiplying and claiming lands, these beings began to grow more hostile until, after centuries and centuries, a war erupted. With victory, these beings, now known as "the children of men," expelled all the deities from this world, warring among themselves using elemental powers... But there is still a chance!

There is a legend, the leader of the revolution, the one who will return to reclaim the throne of their ancestors, the one who seeks what is rightfully theirs. The direct descendant of the ancient Dragons who will use their courage to gather followers, take back their throne, and once again possess the Scale Crown!

In this story, we control Ryu (male) or Ryo (female), who was adopted by a small village on a frozen island after their mother's death during childbirth. Until one day, a strange man wearing black armor appears and claims that Ryu/Ryo is much more than just a 14-year-old teenager from a forgotten island and that a very grand future awaits.

+30 Characters for Your Party

Discover a variety of 32 unique characters, each with distinct abilities, their own captivating story, and a specific class. Create multiple builds for your party, exploring strategic combinations and enjoying a diversity of playstyles.

Chrono Trigger-Inspired Battle Style

Immerse yourself in dynamic battles with the Active Time Battle (ATB) system, where actions unfold in real-time on the map, providing an experience reminiscent of the thrilling encounters in Chrono Trigger. Additionally, take the opportunity to perform abilities in tandem with the main character, further enhancing your strategy.

Card Game Mini-Game

Challenge yourself in our engaging card game, Tri-Clash. Collect a variety of cards featuring monsters, characters, and objects found in Dravania. Discover rare cards with unique abilities, creating strategies to overcome opponents in this exciting mini-game.

Multiple Dungeons and Biomes

Explore a variety of dungeons with unique puzzles, intriguing quests, and diverse mechanics scattered across different biomes. Travel through engaging landscapes, uncover hidden secrets, and immerse yourself in a gaming experience that offers incredible visual diversity and strategic challenges.

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