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After embarking on a journey from his (barely civilised) homeland, the young Demon Hunter, Valdrich Wolfranov, has gone lost in the deeps of the untamed Roswickan Tundra! Where the best that can happen to a man is be eaten alive.
All kind of beasts, critters, foes and even fiends wait for the unwary here!

However, as he wanders aimlessly in the wilderness trying to find his way back to Civilisation, he realises that a Horror deadlier than Death hides in the Shadows...!

Destiny's far, but Death is near!- Roswickan saying.

Roswick it's known for many things, none of them good. This vast realm of the far-north is considered uncivilised by everyone, except themselves. Reason: most of it is a monster-infested wildland.

Our protagonist has three objectives: One, to survive this dangerous wildland. Second, to reach safe haven at the Church of St. Huldra. Third, take rest and continue his journey. Everything is going badly enough with him being lost in God-knows-where, just to turn worse when a dreadful encounter happens in the tundra.

The Voyage Sinister it's a Gothic story with an investigative and mystery element, set in a Victorian-inspired world. While a jRPG at its core, the game is also a mixture of Visual Novel and Adventure Game.

Explore, talk to characters, and interact with the environment to find your way out in this creepy adventure.

Use your cunning and skills as a Demon Hunter to resolve the Mystery and protect the Church of St. Huldra.

Aside from Demon Hunter, Valdrich belongs to a certain kind of creature... Vampires. His types aren't particularly well-liked by the common of people.

The chances that someone comes to his rescue are less than null. Only he will be able to pull himself out of this peril.

  • More than 35k Words - In Dialogue, Descriptions, Flavour Text in this Story-Rich Adventure-like game!

  • Pixel Art Graphics - With few exceptions, everything you see in this game has been hand-drawn especially and only for it! From the sprites and backgrounds to the combat animations. No use of pre-purchased assets whatsoever!

  • Hand-Placed Content and Design - None of the content inside this game is procedurally generated. Every enemy, encounter and interaction has been hand-made to better fit a sense of adventure and progression!

  • Gothic Atmosphere - The game takes place in an original setting, inspired by 17th century Regency Era and 18th century Victorian Era. Taste the far region of Roswick, a land between civilisation and savagery!

  • CGs and Animations - Visual Novel-style CGs and Drawings that trigger as you advance the story!

  • High Interaction - Dark yet Colourful world in which almost every object is interactable in some way or the other!

  • Turn-Based Combat - A classical turn-based combat inspired by old jRPGs. No quirky changes os tricks in the middle. The game is made to be challenging but not punishing!

  • Updates Coming Soon - The dev of this game (me) plans to update it with more content in the near future! If he isn't put in a ward first.

Talk to me! Email: LilianDarkMail@gmail.com - Itch.io - GameJolt - Twitter/X

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  • 02/09/2024 03:45 AM
  • 02/29/2024 10:00 PM
  • 02/05/2024
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Looks really cool. Love to see it.
Looks really cool. Love to see it.
Thanks. I accept any comments or suggestions if you have any.
Didn't reply immediately because I spent a while organizing the page so it looks mildly presentable. Was an absolute mess before.
By hand-drawn you meant you drew the pixel-art using a drawing tablet?
I looks very nice.
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