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My god we're going back for this one

  • Gibmaker
  • 04/24/2021 12:48 AM
Two days ago I finally started using Rogaine, even though I'm about 15 years too late for it to make a difference!

Well we all know how it goes, I still want to shake the usual farts out of the bedsheets and say that sOmEdAy ThIs PrOjEcT wIlL bE dOnE i PrOmIsE but it looks to be something that I'll have to be toying with on and off for years and maybe finish it when I'm 50. Because I was visited by that terrible spectre of Another Idea For A Game That Seems Like It Will Be Less Work And More Likely To Pay Off Than The Current Idea (AIFAGTSLIWBLWAMLTPOTTCI). I've actually been working on the AIFAGTSLIWBLWAMLTPOTTCI for the last year. I don't want to be an idiot who strings along projects for years and then never finishes anything because of yet another AIFAGTSLIWBLWAMLTPOTTCI, with the old tune of i'Ll GeT bAcK tO tHiS pRoJeCt OnCe ThE nEw OtHeR iDeA iS dOnE. Every time I do this I lose more and more confidence in myself. But the AIFAGTSLIWBLWAMLTPOTTCI can be very seductive.

The latest AIFAGTSLIWBLWAMLTPOTTCI is a furry-themed building management sim made in Game Maker, and the building that you're managing is a public bathroom. You place facilities like toilets and sinks and make money by selling different types of septic effluent. It leans heavily on the vulgar subject matter, because furries like that sort of thing. But it's not really an RPG so I don't want to make a project page here. Does anyone know of another website where I might make a project page for that sort of game?


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Your mom is a hero
itch.io might scratch your itch.

otherwise, maybe ask Calunio? He has made some pretty edgy games that push the limits of sensibility. Maybe find out where he posts his games?

Anywho, good luck with this and future products! I haven't changed in 10 years and can wait another 10 for this game no prob.
I hate RPG Maker because of what it has done to me
@kentona I have asked him and we'll see. Will you truly be here forever?

@diamond yes
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