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The story is good, but map design and other aspects...

Demon Destiny has a very good intro scene, which was the top-of-the-line thing. When going away from the intro scene, the maps are not designed well. One chip is used for a path and it seems that the rectangular drawing tool is used for drawing the paths, and to isolate events so the character cannot talk to them, a fence is created. A few tips from creating your maps are to do not leave a huge space in which the character can teleport back to the previous map. The reason for that is that the space looks un-natural, and it seems that when going down on an open spot your character teleports to a space totally on a different side. Try using different kinds of chips for the forest, and especially scatter chips on the path so it actually looks natural instead of a rookie world. Try getting cutscene events or important events in the middle of the path and use "Touched By Hero" events to lead the hero to the cutscene, followed by tint screens and a switch operation. Besides that, the first battle does not need to have a tutorial on how to play using the RM2k3 regular battle system. Most players know how to use the battle system. What I do is include a readme on EVERY game I release so that the player knows how to play the game, and write a tutorial while you are at it. Do NOT do this if you think you are wasting time writing, but that is too bad. If you are thinking that, copy and paste the RM2k3 Help File into your game folder. Those are the only things I can do to let you know that you can improve your game, and if you don't know how to do some of it- experiment using a test map and such. Overall, I rated the game a 3 because of the map design, but the other features such as the Sub-Menu and large Intro scene, were added up to a three overall. I hope you improved the game to what I said in this review.