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Get Ready for Patch Day!

  • Deltree
  • 09/13/2011 12:46 PM
The Reconstruction was featured almost two years ago today. So what better way to celebrate than by fixing things! For those stragglers who are interested, version 1.06 will go up tonight (probably around 8 EST unless something major comes up). Here is a preliminary change list:

-Wait times for each actor now appear in battle, marked with a delta symbol. Or maybe it's a metronome. Or maybe a tiny grandfather clock, I don't know.

-Fixed a bug where support allies weren't sharing in essence gained for kills.

-Rushing is fixed! Battles should no longer bug out if you counter a Rush advance (or vice versa).

-Removed that nonexistent sidequest entry in the guild records in chapter 5.

-Reduced the damage sponginess of bosses somewhat.

-Fixed the damage mod descriptions on Rehm's skills. Fiery Raid is now correctly based on Spirit versus Willpower.

-Character #16 is now a little bit faster.

-Fixed an incorrectly passable tile in chapter 1's hunting map.

-Fixed a crash when speaking to Fero in the late-game puzzle dungeon. In addition, it is hopefully less easy to get stranded on the light puzzle.

-Fixed some encounter weirdness that could occur in the quest "The Blinding".

-Cleaned up some events before the chapter 5 boss battle that should hopefully make said battle run a bit more smoothly.

-Fixed miscellaneous skill mis-namings and name inconsistencies.

-Kidra's "Rested" passive ability should properly trigger from the back row only now. Its chance of triggering an effect has been increased greatly.

-Fixed the Range description on the highest tier of Thunderous Axe.

-Passive skills now cost the same amount of skill and mana points to train up. In effect, the cost is now slightly lower all around. NOTE: Because of how progress is stored, this effect will only appear after you have trained up at least one rank under version 1.06 (or if you start a new game). So, if the training says the cost is 1800/1200 now, then training it once should make the next tier have the proper cost of 1200/1200.

Big thanks to a few of my Troper fans (you know who you are) for a bunch of bug reports and suggestions.


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Man 2 years? fuck me, time flies. I remember suggesting this to the staff to be featured. I also promised to write a review but you know... time flies.
Character #16 is now slightly faster

YES. He's so useless because he's slower than molasses in January and doesn't get any Agi boosts whatsoever. Hopefully this will make him actually usable.

The Wait time displays are pretty nifty, too. Not as good as a turn order marker like IMTS has, but much better than nothing.

My replay still isn't finished, so I guess I'll report any more bugs that come up.
doesn't live here anymore
Yeah, I guess the idea was that he is extremely heavy (for reasons that you know) and not overly athletic in comparison to everyone else, but I think I overdid it a bit. He may actually get a turn in a battle now.

I didn't have room on the screen to implement a full-on queue, and unlike IMTS turns aren't one-per-battler-per-phase so it wouldn't be terribly helpful anyway.
call me a straggler and paint me maroon, i'll start again from the beginning and finally play this game through!!

(unintentional near-rhyme!!!)
Agh, dangit, I really should have mentioned this earlier: I believe way back when I was reporting bugs for the first time, I said the caption for chapter 4 didn't appear? Well, it didn't appear when you get to Berylbrine, but it does appear when you return to Wadassia from Fortifel. I guess I was so used to the other chapter formats where it appears as soon as you get into the new area, I didn't notice. So anyway, I think I may have unintentionally caused a cosmetic bug where "Chapter 4 - 'Sky and Sea'" is displayed both in Wadassia and upon arrival to Berylbrine. It's just cosmetic, though, so you don't need to fix it, I suppose...
doesn't live here anymore
Ah hah! So I wasn't losing my mind. Maybe the second one can be a "serious this time" type moment.
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