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Oh Lawdy Lawdy

It seems I am featured! This is an unexpected and muchly-appreciated twist indeed! Thanks to all my wonderful followers thus far, and to those who come!

Update version 1.04 is going to be uploaded this weekend (maybe even tonight). It will add the following features:

-You can now press a Cycle Key (Page Up or Page Down) while in Quest Mode to jump the cursor right to your guild manager.
-Skill/Mana Points will come more easily now
-Fixed a couple more sprites that had minor graphical artifacts. This is an ongoing battle so feel free to write me if any crop up that I've missed.
-Fixed a few miscellaneous dialog issues here and there.

As before, this is not a critical update, but has some nice additions so that if you have an earlier version then you might consider replacing your version. I'll post again when it's online and ready.


Minor Update #1 is on the Way

(SUPREME NINJA EDIT) Version 1.02 is the current download link. Swing away!

Buon giorno! Thanks to tips from my dilligent players, I'm preparing to upload version 1.02 some time this weekend. Here are the current fixes planned:

-There is a spot on the second quest of Chapter 1 where you can get by the posts in the starting area and cause general weirdness. This will be remedied, so for now, just don't do it or I'll chase you down and whap you with a rolled up newspaper.

-Some of the character sprites have a minor glitch due to their dimensions that makes artifacts appear when they animate. This is a side effect of me being an idiot; I went through and standardized a lot of sprite sheets but didn't test them all like I should have.

Both of these are minor, benign issues that won't hurt you if you've already got 1.01 and you don't want to download that gigantic archive again.


In the beginning...

Hello sailors! The first release is going up right now!
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