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V.104 Now Live!

In the affluent Saitek suburbs there's nothing exciting, nothing to fear but the surrounding industrial shadows transforming towns into cities, where the atmosphere is a breeding ground for crime. The 3 Gods created the world, but now it's falling apart limb by limb.

Toshi, a young man, finds himself on the wrong end of a deadly hunt lead by a madman hell bent on reviving these legendary creatures in a fit of twisted vengeance. Toshi heads to the big city to unravel the mysteries and join in the fray he's longed for his whole life.

Meanwhile wannabe heroes search for the souls of the gods, each with their own motivations to obtain the power that comes with it. Follow this search for enlightenment and curiosity to discover the true nature of courage!

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Monstrous Wars V1.04 Notes

Found another game breaking issue, and resolved it. In version 1.03 the game comes to a halt during a dream sequence in the Rayo Hotel.

  • Added aforementioned missing map

I'm hoping it's the last big issue for this iteration/batch, but this is what public releases are for ya'll. Also I'm unsure if anyone in the middle of playing can have their save transfer over to version 1.04. If you can, try to find out where the .LSD(save) files save to on the hdd. Try replacing the new save file with the old ones so you can just continue from where you left off instead of starting over from the top. Thanks for your patience.

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  • King of Games
  • Kaempfer
  • RPG Tsukuru 2003
  • RPG
  • 09/22/2009 06:29 PM
  • 05/10/2019 09:15 PM
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I'll just copy and paste here what I wrote on the forums:

So, I played Monstrous Wars and was pretty impressed by the cutscene eventing. However, there were a few problems with the maps, such as disjointed transfer points (going in the door at the top of the dining room in your house and winding up in the upper left hand side of the screen in the basement, for instance), being able to walk on the counter in Walter's house where there's a jar, and standing near chairs and having your head go underneath them. Also, the music changed too frequently and had odd volume changes as well.

Besides those flaws, it was pretty neat, but I got killed by the boss slime because for some reason my attacks started only doing one damage, I wasn't given enough healing items or money with which to buy them, and all I could do was a bare handed attack. Honestly, having no skills in battles in addition to only one character is a surefire way to put me off as it's just so boring and the battles are so grindy. You just rest your head on your left hand while you press enter with your right.

I really liked the setting and would probably continue playing as I love games that mix modern with fantasy, but I really have no desire to go kill all those slimes again since it just involves holding enter while I wait, nor do I want to fight a boss that puts my attack down to 1 when I have no skills to compensate for it.
I should add to my above post that I'm sure eventually I'll feel like giving it another shot, but with all these games to try from "Release Something!", patience is wearing thin.
Thanks for your feedback man. I understand about the slimes. Your attacks should do more than 1 damage, and you can get a skill in your house, which I guess you missed, that helps out a lot. There is also a lot of secret money stored around to buy healing items, and you can use the savepoint to heal as well.

Passability is something that is easily fixed. And yes, the spacial flow is disjointed at times, which maybe I'll fix, but it's not a huge issue.
This looks sooooooo awesome! I'm definitely playing it. :D
Alright, here goes round two... gonna search my house for that skill, because I REALLY like the setting of this game.
Poking around in the editor, I see what happened now. For some reason, the key to the attic I was given by Toshi's mom after cleaning the room was taken away when opening their closet, so I was never able to enter the attic. Was this on purpose?
Eh, probably yes for the sake of the items section being pretty and organized, not so that you can't enter the attic. Anyway, some things that should be fixed:

There are some cliff tiles I could walk on during Toshi's dream.
One of the message boxes on the bottom of the screen in the kitchen is messed up.
The swords' sprite in the attic changes when you examine them.
In the closet after you get the 10 kaenos, the chest above the the jar's graphic disappears. Maybe move the chest somewhere else?
The top of the right pillar in front of Toshi's house shouldn't be shadowed.
There's a flying treetop to the right, in the area before you enter the town.
In the town, you can walk on top of all the potion bottles which kind of makes Toshi dance on top of random people's tables. Places like that are the gambling house and Walter's house.
You can step on top of the tyed dog.
There's a small mistake with Toshi's reflection in the water. From right next to the water guy (on his left side) you face the lake and it's all cool. But if you step left once and face the lake the reflection gets messed up.

This is a really awesome game with a lot of interesting ideas and I think it must have taken some admirable patience to do all those effects and sprite edits, but it really takes away from the gaming experience when you find things like that.
KoG, I knew it'd be something when you released your game. I downloaded it as soon as I saw it... and I will follow the trend by posting in this comments box because... well, I encountered a nasty bug :(.

First of all, I'm REALLY confused what setting this is supposed to play in. I have a sword, run around killing slimes.... then there are pipes and smoke. And finally computers, robots and labs? It doesn't exactly bother me but the clash between the colourful lively outdoors and the tech-tunnels, cities, etc. is pretty big. It really doesn't help either when, in combination with the schizophrenic visuals, I have no clue as why to there are furries walking the streets.

Anyway the beginning is trippy. I liked that, aswell as the sprite animations; a great effort that really puts that extra shine on this game.The mapping is pretty much all-over the place and mapexits are somewhat hard to navigate and exits are sometimes impossible to spot. But this isn't really a major flaw either; I did see some odd missing tiles and whatnot but it was pretty much undetectable so I didn't bother with it.

The battles look and flow nice, even though (as far as I played) nothing more than button-mashing. (by the way, get rid of that malplaced box in the battlebackground; http://rpgmaker.net/users/593/locker/badboi.jpg.

I got to the dark tunnels of the policestation where (http://rpgmaker.net/users/593/locker/off.png :/ FIX DAT ) I found this lit room... I left it and... the whole screen went dark and the menu was opened for some reason. I also tried reentering the room but it didn't work. So I stopped... I'll probably try some more later on and then, when I complete it, I want to write a proper review, but in the meantime; here's some minor detail flaws I think you should look into;

this was hilarious when I saw it.

I can walk on blue potions.

I've got my face in the cookie-jar.
damn that formatting :( just copy the last two urls.
I'm sneaking around in lockers now.

I have a really big gripe about this game. The tileset changes are far too dramatic. One moment you feel like you're inside a medieval fantasy land, the next moment you're in a futuristic slum... the police station being a perfect example of this. It really detracts from the setting, which from what I'm guessing, is not supposed to be a fantasy setting at all, and that's one of the major things this game has going for it.

Also, without going into spoilers, the story is just plain confusing and the dialogue sometimes just doesn't make sense. In the scene that takes place during and after the shrine, I found myself even more confused about the story and game world than I was when I first started.

Speaking of the police station... why does it look like the inside of everyone else's normal houses, complete with barrels, jars and pots?

I'm not sure what it is about this game in particular, but any other game that had all these problems I would just quit, but the completely obvious amount of time and effort put into this game, and the neat things you did with RM2k3 keep me going.
I just read Mr. Nemo's post. I had that problem too when you had the torch. After you leave the room in the upper right and come back, the screen is completely dark. I tapped on the arrow keys like crazy until I got back into that room, which took me about 30 seconds or so to do. I did this about 3 more times until I could suddenly see again. I don't know how or why, but I could so I was able to continue the game.

Nasty bug.
Ok guys, thanks for the feedback. Nemo, I have tried to integrate the multiple styles, of mnb and theo, into a transitional suburb with industrial influences. I am currently thinking of ways to make that transition more seamless to make it not feel so overwhelming later in the game. Keep the bug screens coming man, the more the better, so I can really tighten it up.

I will fix the torch and darkroom maze (police station) glitchs and reupload, since those are significant enough to cease players. I'm glad, clyve, that you made it past that though. About the confusing story elements, I'm sorry you feel that way, but I will see if other players have the same problem, before I act on it. I admire your patience to stick with this game, and I think if you could man, write down all the problems you have. Put it into 1 big list and send it to me when you are done playing.

Ok so, I am going to put up a new download soon that will fix the major glitchs, redux the Saitek suburb area, and reduce the file size considerably.
I'm really enjoying this game so far, I think youve done a very good job. The story is a little confusing, but the dialogue is good(minus a few spelling mistakes). The details you've got (such as the avatar poses, and the movement in the scenery) make it a really charming game.
Buut, i encountered an error when i entered the sparring building(i think it was), which just completely shut down the game, so i was a bit bummed by that. Also, sometimes I do a lot less damage to the enemy than usual, it's wierd, maybe it's when i'm low on health or something, i don't really know.
Anywho, keep it up :)
Do you mean the jousting school in the city, or something else? Because I have'nt gotten an error lilke that iva testing.
the jousting school bugged out for me aswell; I beat the guy very quickly but the fight never stopped :( I'm in the VR-thingie right now and man is this game TRIPPY. I'm writing down and gathering bugs and minor glitches while thinking up stuff for a review.
Oh man bugs everywhere! well now, I'm climbing the pile of rubber tires... and I can't get any further. whatever I do, my characters climb DOWN and soon enough, I go back to the previous screen without a hero and upon returning, my sprite is till climbing the damn tires!

Nemo, you are very close to the end of the demo. If all else fails, just put a teleport in editor from "climb to climb" to the 2nd "the top" map, and continue on.
Lookin pretty good KoGs. I'll wait for your updated demo before checking this out.
I just submitted my review... man I this game is awesome
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