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Tale of Exile is fantasy-based jrpg game. The entire series will be composed of 4 acts which in turn contain 3 or 4 episodes each. The game is being developed using RPG Maker 2003 software and is totally free. The visual and musical setting is mostly based on ripped and edited 2D resources from games like Suikoden, Terranigma or Seiken Densetsu.

The game itself does not require any additional files to work properly. However, should you encounter any problems, you can contact me through the forum or simply email me.
Download the game now and remember to share your opinion!

About the game

The demo version of ToE was released in 2005. After another three years the full version of act 1 was ready. The Tale of Exile project is a fantasy-based jrpg game divided into acts. The entire series will cover as many as 4 acts with 3 or 4 episodes each. The game is available in two language versions, Polish and English, although it was originally developed in Polish language. The Polish version has gained spectacular popularity and recognition among RM users in Poland, enough to be awarded GF prize twice. Since the day it was released, ToE has continuously been number 1 on the top RM hits list. After about a year the game was translated into English.

The story

Estalia is currently the biggest and the most powerful country among the neighboring countries of Ardene, the land of mountains and woods. Its power and supremacy is credited to Merton, a legendary leader who entered into a covenant with "Father Spirit". The covenant brought a blessing of abundance and success upon the Estalian nation. The following conquests and great victories have transformed this small and weak country into a respected empire. The covenant of Merton has created a tradition of "Great Initiations" to be taken by his descendants in order to rightfully come to power and prolong the covenant. A prefect world order was eventually disturbed as a result of inconsiderate decisions. An exhausting "30-year war" forced the King to make concessions to the "Great Council", making them the actual rulers of Estalia for 30 years. After the King's obligations from the treaty expire, the power should return to the Royal Family. However, history often repeats itself and proves that power is an addictive thing. It is not so different with the members of the "Great Council". A mysterious death of the Queen, restrictions inflicted on the King, all have lead people to believe that there is a conspiracy. A few months before the treaty expires we witness a "Great Initiation" if heir to the throne, Prince Antonius. This is where our adventure begins.


The Black Claw
A young mercenary looking for a big challenge that will earn him enough credit to join the elite "cleric" unit. He quickly makes respectful friends through his decisiveness and self esteem. However, he also makes many enemies as well, through his biting tongue.

A Lieutenant of the "Estalian Death Squad". She is the first woman in the history of Estalia to join this elite unit. A sharp eye and steady hand have earned her the job of archer. She gained respect and recognition in the army only through her hard work.

The Prince of Estalia nad rightfull heir to the throne. He is the only one who can revive the covenant and carry on "Merton Dynasty". He's a young, sensitive and intelligent aristocrat, deprived of his beloved mother at a very young age. Lonely and heartbroken, he avoided company, devoting his time to his great hobby - reading.

TBS (tactical battle system) - a complex system that divides each combat into turns. There are many different options and actions to choose. From physical attacks and spells to specials and summons. The outcome of the battle depends mostly on the player's tactical skills. No more confirming the attack without giving any thought, now you have to encircle your enemy, look for their weak points, block their attacks and watch for counter attacks.

CMS (custom menu system) - a unique menu with a big number of options, items and stats. Enables you to configure your spells, select extra equipment and save your game at any time.

Unique character development - The character's basic properties are developed trough training by the Masters. The same goes to character's new skills. Learning consumes Skill Points (SkP), gathered during battles, together with character's experience, Lv, and also the stats of the character. The higher level of basic properties, the faster increase of other Lvs.

Weapons upgrade - there is a possibility, or even necessity, to upgrade your equipment. Besides visiting the blacksmith, you will also need money and special minerals to perform the upgrade. Upgraded items have higher stats and more slots for Gemma.

Minigames - there are a lot of minigames and tournaments in the game. The cards, where you play for money, fights at the arena and other smaller minigames, including target practice and stealth movement.

Day & Night - You can choose to sleep until morning or evening the following day. A lot of locations are available only by night, as well as some of the events. Sleeping restores HP, MP and SP which are consumed in battles.


Latest Blog

Tale of Exile Act II DEMO English

In December 2009 I gave Toe Act2 demo in Polish.
Link: http://www.tsukuru.pl/index.php?link=gra&title=2k3-taleofexileakt2&i=1

Translation into English goes very slowly, so slowly that I can not determine when it will be ready.
It's possible it will be never ready. Translator (Gregory Tarkovsky), which also explained akc1
doing it in spare moments. Although the demo includes only a portion of 1 episode (ok 4 hours of play) is the magnitude of a text for translation. If you depend on an English version could use a ToE2
motivation for an interpreter in the form comments ... He does this absolutely free. I hoped that the comments of act1 will be sufficient, but little of, and no one writes about the translation. I write about translation game. Here I am writing myself with the help of google translator. So You see i can,t translate game alone. As I say, everything depends on you.

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  • RPG Tsukuru 2003
  • Tactics RPG
  • 10/16/2009 10:17 PM
  • 01/29/2020 02:08 AM
  • 10/21/2009
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Good to know that this can be remedied. Thanks!
This game is kinda HARD. I think I would benefit from a walkthrough too. I have very little money, I die easily in battles, and I can't afford weapon upgrades.
i can't believe this game has no review..... .:(
finally i can play this game...
thanks for making great game.!!!!! wait for another....
I intended on reviewing it, but I got stuck.
Good game so far, though I do agree that it is pretty hard at the start(not sure if that is remedied or not, still at the start getting killed by sewer zombie things lol).

I think I found a bug in that I can still defend even if I have no AP, not sure if defend takes AP or not but I figured it would.

Anyway, gonna keep at it and see how the game progresses.
What's up? Downloaded this game. I'll try to have a review out.
Well... Translation of the second act is in progress. Unfortunately, going slowly.
I also would like to request a walkthrough, just to make sure I did everything =D Awsome game BTW

Also I'd like to note you should really have someone fix the spelling errors, there was a few of them I had noticed as well as some text that wasn't translated yet, though unimportent npc text. However as to the spelling errors most of those were actually part of story text and though you can generally figure out what was supposed to be said it's kinda annoying.

Also, my god this game is difficult when you first start, gets a bit easier after you get yourself going with some gold and a few levels though. The first fights were like pulling teeth though, pretty much just had to rely on luck you don't run into 4 of the zombies as your first fight.

Also, epic mini card game. <3

Overall it's a good game though, I highly advise anyone into tactical Rpgs to try it. Great story, interesting characters, and being able to choose whats said makes for awsome reply value. I eagerly await for act 2 to be translated.

Also, I seriously, seriously, like really hate mages in this game. >_> Dodged my attack 5 times in a row, on a 70% chance to hit, and damn they hurt like hell.
I downloaded and installed this, but when I tried to run it it gave me an error message:

???? 6720696D ????? 6720696D ????Reading?????????

then a similar one I didn't bother to copy down, then just closed. Any ideas? I'm on Win7, did install the fonts.
I replaced the RPG_RT.exe file with that from another game. It works ok now.

DFalcon try this, may work.
I remember downloading this long ago, but I probably forgot about it because of the error message. I replaced the RPG RT file and I can finally play it...I've only played a little bit so far but I am very excited. This kind of game is rarely made anymore. It has flaws like any other but it is exceptional.
I stopped playing this cause I got lost. Seemed really interesting, and it was very impressive graphically. But I could use a walkthrough.
Ok, that works so far (well, the title screen is still borked, but not impossible to navigate).
I'm not in a fantasy world, I just want to make games.
I thought the game was spectacular ^^ looking forward to the future installments :D
If I could test for you, id love to!
This game is just too good. The tactical CBS and CMS are really well-designed.
I beat the first act, if anyone needs any help feel free to ask. It's been a month or two but I still remember most of it. As I've stated in my last post mages in this game can cause you to pull your hair out. If I knew the language I'd help in the translation for 2, but sad to say I do not. I really do hope he (Greg) has time, and the will to finish act 2 and possibly even future acts(3,4)

There was one or two of the bonus quest I didn't finish either, if anyone ever finds that damn cat can you let me know where you found it? I searched and searched but never had any luck.
if anyone ever finds that damn cat

Go up the city wall. From the inn go right until you reach the wall. You'll see stairs that can take you up. Once on the wall keep going right until you reach a door/opening. Go in and you'll find yourself in an area with a chest. Grab its contents, then go right and up and you'll find the cat. Did you get the house? I think you become a local and get access to the temple. And the 5,000 pounds job was shit hard, but it felt really good finishing it.
How do I do battle in this game? I go into battle but don't know how to battle.
The game is great. It is so great, that i must say, that ActII MUST be released, and MUST be translated to english. We all waiting for ActII (I am at least)!
My thoughts...

Una lastima que parece ser que no veremos este juego terminado. El gampleay esta bastante bien con una historia que rapidamente se pone interesante con un buen mix de buenos dialogos, peleas e intrigas.

Me gusto mucho la parte donde hablas con la gente (con el principe y durante el juicio) que dependiendo de lo que digas ganas gente a favor o en contra.

Ah y Martinez la arma demasiado.

Pero como dije una lastima ya que esta es la parte 1 de 4 y si las 2 ya esta practicamente cancelada pues nohay esperanza de ver la 3 y 4. Esto lo malo de jugar una version "demo" de un juego y que te digan que no lo vana a terminar porque cuando es el juego es prometedor (como este) da hasta coraje el haberlo empezado porque te quedaras con la duda de "que pasara" para siempre.
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