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Tale of Exile Act II DEMO English

In December 2009 I gave Toe Act2 demo in Polish.
Link: http://www.tsukuru.pl/index.php?link=gra&title=2k3-taleofexileakt2&i=1

Translation into English goes very slowly, so slowly that I can not determine when it will be ready.
It's possible it will be never ready. Translator (Gregory Tarkovsky), which also explained akc1
doing it in spare moments. Although the demo includes only a portion of 1 episode (ok 4 hours of play) is the magnitude of a text for translation. If you depend on an English version could use a ToE2
motivation for an interpreter in the form comments ... He does this absolutely free. I hoped that the comments of act1 will be sufficient, but little of, and no one writes about the translation. I write about translation game. Here I am writing myself with the help of google translator. So You see i can,t translate game alone. As I say, everything depends on you.



How do you assess the game ...

Hello. It's been some time since made available the English version of the game here. Already more than 140 people have downloaded the game, I hope that even though some of them even express an opinion in a few words.

Thanks to the second act will be better.


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