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Two siblings who have known little more than farming their whole lives find themselves becoming the protectors of their little sister who manifests strange powers to shape Reality. Being naive of the world, and inexperienced in martial ways, they must rely on their friends to overcome those who would seek to capture their little sister and use her for their own purposes...

This game features a number of custom resources, including some tiles, monsters, music, and scripts. This demo contains the complete first two chapters.

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Game.exe crash bug, advice needed

Update on the problem:

It seems that the game just crashes randomly (as in, I can never actually reproduce this myself, it just happens) when transfering to another map, getting an item, and in one instance when opening an item shop. Sometimes the crash does not happen for entire play-throughs of several hours. Sometimes it will happen several times in a row on one map. Completely random. When it crashes, it is not a script error that pops up, but the general windows error message saying something like game.exe encountered a problem and must close. However, I think it is related to the scripts, as I remember my older project of the same name never had this problem, nor do I have this problem with any other RPG VX games.

I have been struggling with this problem for some time now. It is particularly difficult to pinpoint because just removing one script at a time to find the problem script wont work due to the simple fact that the problem is so inconsistent that it would take hours and hours to thoroughly try one script to make sure it was not the one that causes the crash.

After spending even more time trying to fix this, it really seems like the problem lies somewhere in the data files.
To reproduce this error fairly reliably, I set up a test area filled with lots of events (treasure chests) and one auto-event that adds a party member and then disappears. Then I talk to an NPC which sends me into battle, and fairly reliably the game will crash upon exiting the battle and going back to the map (game.exe has encountered a problem and has shut down, or whatever). I tried doing pretty much the same thing in one of the game's actual maps, but the error did not seem to be as reliably replicated there.

I have started a brand new project, and brought the scripts over manually, all works fine. I bring the other data files over, game crashes.
I have started a new project, brought all of the map data, mapinfo data, and script data, and it works fine.
The problems start when I add in pretty much any of the other data files from the old project, though no 1 in particular seems to cause the problem. Any single one of them may cause the game to crash.

I have also done this in reverse, trying to replace existing data files one by one with ones from a new project, and same conclusion pretty much. The error stops when most of the data files are replaced, save for the ones mentioned above.

I have tested the scripts thoroughly as well, the best I could. There is another oddity here. I can remove the side view scripts and use just the default battle system, and the game doesn't crash any more, even with all of the datafiles the way they are. However, if I also made a new project and moved just the side view system files over and the game runs just fine without crashes until I bring the data files over.

I dug up an older version of the game back when it didnt have this problem and tested out that battle system (still side view, but older version) it worked fine on its own. I brought that battle system and replaced the newer one I was using in my project. Game crashes. I made a new project with the older tankentai sbs and threw in the old data files (sans the script datafile). Game crashes.

So it looks like the problem has something to do with my data files, but I have no idea what the problem could be still. As a last resort, and only if I absolutely have to, I will try a brand new project, only bringing over the maps and scripts, and rebuild the database from scratch (last resort because there are sooooooo many skills, items, pieces of gear, animations, and such that I made already) but I want to see what other people thought about this problem first, seeing as it is no guaranty that it will work anyways.

Any thoughts? What would you do in this situation?
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  • 11/02/2009 01:48 AM
  • 07/26/2018 03:26 AM
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The water boss thing is really hard to beat with 12500 HP! My characters only do about 200 damage.
That's what the frenzy meter is for, as well as RT abilities ;) It is possible to be slamming him for 500-1000 dmg per hit with a little strategy.
So it seems that the game.exe crash might be only occurring on certain computers/operating systems. There have been some people helping me out and testing it and cannot get the game to crash at all on their computers while I can get it to crash on mine no problem. Mystifying.
Actually, it doesn't. I tried and if you boost up someone's attack, when the meter is full, it does around 200 damage. Also, the water boss restores its health none stop
I'm not sure what you are doing to get such low numbers with the frenzy meter full, but the meter only applies to special abilities and skills, not regular attacks if that is what you're using. Lightning will usually high for around 200ish regularly, and 2.5x that with a full meter. Any multi-hit skill will similarly have 2.5x the damage amplification. If you have lightning 2, that should be hitting for 700+ easy with full meter.
Oh, I guess I'll just have to level up. I don't even have lightning 2 yet!
Sweet I'm about to download, this game looks hella tight! After I play it I'll tell ya how great it is!
All of us get lost in the darkness; dreamers learn to steer by the stars.
Your mapping is solid in almost every way. Some of the ground tiles are a bit bare in places, but I think that's a natural flaw with VX.
The game crashes after the guy puts flowers before the grave in the intro.


Tried it again and it works now!

I just nabbed the rabbits, and here is my opinion for the game so far:

The game looks really great and has great potetional, but I would like to play it a bit further to give a full conclusion:

Good things:

Great graphics!

I like how you made the first village, with forests between the buildings (instead of all the building close to each other like in most games.

I like it when you finished the battle, you get all those screens.

The job system looks very promising (though I do not fully understand it yet)

I like that you hid so many treasures and items.

Bad things:

The beginning music of the village plays to long imho.

If I remember correctly you said the INN was west, but it's east.

Like I said the game looks very promising!

How many hours of playtime will the final version have?
Not to sound pessimistic but you game crashes A LOT. It is really not fun to play if it crashes every 5 minutes :(
I played the game and got to the second boss, but I'm stuck there. A ran out of MP but wasn't even halfway done. I don't think I was even 40% done, so even if I only used skills with a full frenzy meter I would run out of MP. Did I miss a special strategy? My characters are at level 10 BTW and I really hope that's not considered under-leveled.

Anyway, the game looks great, has nice and likable characters (except for the prince who I find dull, but that's just one) and I like the skill system. It's very slow though. The battles are way to frequent considering how long they last. It also takes a really long time to learn new skills, especially for having so many skills to begin with. Also, what's up with the "guard to restore MP" mechanic? Any time I run out of MP, something that's easy to do since battles are both frequent and enemies are durable, I have to spend 10+ turns guarding to recover my MP.
As many as here say, your game is quite unbalanced with bosses.

The first boss is far too hard for a first boss. A first boss should be easy. A boss like this is better in place halfway at the game or something.

You say that you can use the frenzy meter that it is easier, even though you do more damage by then it is still not good enough. Besides of that you cannot take for granted that EVERY PLAYER HAS THOSE THUNDERS SPELLS when they are with the boss. So making him only possible to beat with that is quite ridiculous. He should fall easily for normal skills as well. Especially because this is only the first boss.

Also he has quite a lot of HP and to make it even worse it heals itself to the max out of nowhere??? And then not to mention when he defends…that you not must attack him…it would really great if that is told before you attack him.

Also ALWAYS take care that you can go back to buy items! What if I'm at the boss and I don't have enough items to defeat him?

I think you have a LOT of tweaking to do to make this game playable. Remember not all people are good in RPG's most people will stop out frustration by your first boss which is a waste of the rest of your game.
I would really recommend you to take my critics in your tweaking, I have almost 10 years experience in making games so I really know what I'm talking about.

This game has so much potentional, don't ruin it with bad balance. I might sound harsh but I'm not. But you need to realize that your balance is very bad at the moment.
I was wondering if you have any updates on the game. It has been some time that we heard from you. I would like to know if you made progress. :)
The intro was a little hard to understand but I love this.
Yo man you should really update with some info time to time, people will forget ur game if u don't. A good game like this should not be forgotten!
I don't think the author is active here anymore.
I don't think the author is active here anymore.

Well then I'm going to look if the game posted somewhere else.
Is this game still being developed or should I consider it dead?
Hello Aurora,

This game, in this incarnation, is dead. But from its ashes arose a new, much more ambitious, and in many ways much better game: Aleph.

You can see more on our Facebook page:

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