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  • Supergodjesus
  • Added: 11/02/2009 01:50 AM
  • Last updated: 12/09/2019 07:40 AM


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This is a sampling of some of the baddies I am making for my game.
Them's some interesting RTP edits. (<- Completely serious)
Thank you. I worked hard on them. There are more, this is just a sample.
wow, I love the jellyfish-gayzer-looking one
I've always hated the rtp monsters but these are fantastic

love the ax plant
Your great at mixing rtp monsters together! The spider is awesome...
See, now THIS is what I think when I hear the word 'monster'. Not the ridiculously cutesy creatures that plague a lot of commercial rpgs these days.

...Can't help but like those too, though. I always liked monsters.

Anyway, these are awesome.
Love them all ^_^ nice work man, mad props on the art.
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