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Suito Homu: The Second Cooking... Fried


I honestly cannot finish it at this time. It's impossible. It demands the merits of actual filming. Never mind how I can photoshop every single frame. This was planned to be just as movie-like as it is game-like. Both mixes combined into one. But I'm living in a freaking condo with no internet connection, small small small budget... I don't know. You finally live on your own, and this is what happens. Stuff. So, I can't make the decisions around these parts. Just give it a try. Just know it will be finished. Well... eventually. No rush though.


Battle/caterpillar technical demonstration

I feel horrible that this was the last Release Something, but we all have to move on. So, onwards, the tech demo is now up. Revel in the old days of Mortal Kombat, with significantly clashing graphics. And lazier controls. But they're a boon, it just makes it easier for you to control.

This is a feel-good demo. It demonstrates what it wishes to, while still being incomplete. You might see a large majority of MY special skills, but wait until more cosplayers arrive on the scene, baby. JK, actually, the people will wear what they will. Working on Anthony's character holds a special place for me.



Gibmaker, the genius behind The Longing Ribbon, which I've played only recently, has blatantly given me permission to steal his caterpillar system. I feel incredibly honoured, if it will actually work in RM2k3.
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