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Update ( 7/31/2012) - Completion

I'm marking this as being the 31st instead of the 1st, since I've been uploading since "yesterday".

Ill Will is complete. You can finish the story, choose either a normal New Game Plus (basically starting over) or a Strong New Game Plus (keep Traces, learned skills, and level, and re-allocate stats). Either way, you'll have access to additional story scenes, additions to existing scenes, and a very special something.

I might have a prize for the first person to beat the optional NG+ content. Of course, I might not.


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The download link is pending approval, like every other game.

e: the moment of approval for that download link is truly ironic
oh hey

I remember this game

maybe I should play it
Or at least resubscribe
Circumstance penalty for being the bard.
It only took two and a half years to finish this two week game!
It only took two and a half years to finish this two week game!

Kind as ever!
Thought this game died a long time ago.
Such a sick development cycle, but I knew you would finish this.
Finished it; other than some problems I ran into (such as the Predator vs Poison issue), I loved every second of it.

EDIT: Dammit, right when I start New Game +, something goes wrong.

Just as you're going up to meet Aaron and Loki is following you, nothing happens. The dog just barks endlessly. It doesn't lock up or anything, but nothing happens and I can't do anything.
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