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End of the line

Alright, this project has gotten extremely messy and barely operational. I decided to turn in what I've got now as I can't go any further. I've at least turned in SOMETHING for the contest, but I'm going to have to make plans for a different WeaponBirth- thus canceling any development past this Game Chill 2009 contest.

Try out the demo though, I did at least get the first attack for everyone working (probably).

This game will definitely be back though! The idea of what this would have turned into sounds too much fun for me to trash. However, it should be remade under an infinite time limit so I can actually take much more time to plan everything.

Even though I really hate the collision system, it's probably going to be the same engine again anyway.


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Oh yes, and I should probably look into finding recruits to help me with any little bit they can for the game's return. I've got a demo now, I can start searching for people.
At least you're not giving up. Tighten it up a little bit and keep working at it, you'll have something sweet, I'm sure.
Ahead of you. I've been tuning up my engine and changing the ideas here. So far it's just Mary4D and she's really hard to reach- she only answers message once a day and only one message a day.
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