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In a world where demons and magic are common there in adventurer called Anthony who is looking for a certain person in order to cure her of a disease that is making her insane. Little did he know that in his quest to find that cure, he will immerse in another different quest to battle his own nightmares. All in order to save a little girl, that might know the whereabouts of the same certain person he's looking for in the first place.

This demo was made around 2005 and it was my first game. I tried to get people to play it but because it used Mac and Blue graphics not a lot of people did and it fell into obscurity. Now that the last (supposedly) RSD! will take place this year (2009) I decided to release it again.

Note: You don't need the 2000 RTP to play.

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can't make a bad game if you don't finish any games
Note: You don't the 2000 RTP to play.

bro. bro.

I like the story. Just don't like the mapping. Not a bad game overall.
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