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Once again something happened to Tai that had already transported him into the fantastical Digimon world many years ago. Actually, Tai is just a normal boy that likes meeting up with friends, playing soccer and daddling around on his computer. His everyday life is therefore filled up with his hobbies.
When he once sat in front of his computer, something was wrong, though. He noticed a certain error that he however could not really identify. Immediately, many memories of the Digimon in the digital world popped up in his mind and so it happened that Tai suddenly found himself on the File Island. He passed out but was quickly found by a Digimon named Koromon who happened to be his former Digimon partner two years ago. Both quickly noticed that their connection was still very intense. After Tai had recovered and both had exchanged some experiences and expressed their joy about meeting again, they started to think about why Tai was sent back into the Digiworld. They set out to recognize and hopefully solve the problems that had most likely entered the world again and searched for the other Digi-Destineds that were most likely also on the island.

In order to accomplish this mission, Tai and his Digimon have to travel through woods, cities, mountains, the desert, areas of ice and many other places!

Latest Blog

Taichis Story Update + new download

Hello everybody,

a Taichis Story update has been released:

-Fixed some game crashes
-Game is no playable without RTP

And the german version of 'Taichis Story' is now available for downloading.

Best regards
  • Completed
  • MrPrinz
  • RPG Tsukuru 2000
  • Adventure
  • 12/20/2009 11:48 PM
  • 02/09/2022 04:22 PM
  • 12/22/2009
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I can't seem to download it. It says Page Not Found.
Which is a shame because I was kind of looking forward to playing this as I love Digimon.
Ah now it's working right! I'll go play it then I'll tell you how I like it.
Okay first thing's first I finally had time to play it.

When I go into the menu screen you have the two options right after items, and all it says is "-" yet if I click on it it lets me go to a screen where it looks like I can equip Koromon/Agumon and Tai but of course I'm going to guess you can't.
Then when you use the new menu that lets you choose to look at the digimon you've analyzed, the map etc, if you choose one of those options then exit out it has Tai running towards Agumon as if he was telephoned to the other side of the screen.
I'm going to guess English isn't your first language as the game doesn't have the best spelling and grammar.

Now I'm not saying it's a bad game, but yeah those are my complaints so far. The story is good, even if the grammar irks me(and it doesn't really irk me that bad, as I can tell you honestly put effort into the game, and if that's the case it doesn't bother me much.)

The graphics are good, your good at mapping. I can't say much about the sound just yet since I'm not too far, but so far it's good.
I was surprised to hear the voice clips, that's a nice touch. Though seeing Ken when he's not in his Emperor Outfit, but has the glasses was...Hilarious, I'm not sure if that's what you were going for but him without that spikey hair and outfit, but having the glasses is interesting to say the least.

Oh and the battle system is a nice change of pace from other games. And it's simple too.
But like I said I'm not too far into the game. I just got out of the cave where the Ogremon had us captured and Agumon digivolved and beat him(none battle just a scene).
I'll try to play some more today but for now I need to take a bit of rest. Also I hope you have a good Holiday.
Okay still not finished with the game yet. I've just been busy lol. I'm not sure if I've almost beaten it or not. I'm inside infinity mountain, which looks cool by the way. I totally love the mapping it's so nice. And except for the Engrish I can't think of anything to gripe about, and like I said I commend you since English isn't your first language right? I understand what's going on and what not. I'm so happy I met Wormmon~

I still don't get that image of Ken, not in Kaiser mode/outfit with the glasses lol.

Actually the only other thing I could gripe about is battling bosses? When I played as Wormmon I kept dying as I didn't have much meat, even with the ones found in the dessert I'd heal myself quickly cause I'd always get hit, I don't remember which Digimon it is at the moment but it looks like a smaller patamon? Crap I suck at remember things, but it's that one that I'll directly hit but it won't hit for some reason and they usually killed me. Then I got to the boss of the desert and I died the first two times because I tried to dodge and hit and that got me quickly killed. So I just stood still and just kept spamming attacks, while that doesn't make the game bad I was a little ticked that it was that easy when I tried so hard the first two times xD

When I finish the game I'll rate it and write a review for it. I like it.
Hey what's the right cards for the card puzzle? I am stuck on that. Could I have a little help?

Sorry I haven't commented or played in forever I've just been so busy. But I want to finish the game so I can rate and review it since I love Digimon and this is a good game.
downloud not working r_r auto fine wont work my computer dousnt work with them apartly can you put up a new link that isnt a r_r auto file
Digimon e muito legal e agora para rpg maker vou baixar!!
if it a compressed one it will work or application type.
I've been so busy lately, sorry I haven't beaten the game yet. Still stuck on that puzzle. But if you'd like I could review the game from what I've played so far? I would have rather reviewed after I beaten it honestly...
I hope to see more Digimon games x3
Are you not going to make more games? Or did you make more but not translate them into English?
I'd like to play more =)
The game often closes saying "cannot open file" right in the middle of the game. So can't play it past the subway train tunnel.
@messiah9: I have done some more digimon games, which you can download on http://rpg-stars.de - there is also "Digital Monsters - Yamatos Story" and "Digital Monster - Final Stories" (which will be released this year).

I'm not sure if I let translate more games.

@Draggy: Try to download the rtp of the rpg maker 2000 and install. This should work.
You can download the latest version of my game on my website.
Nice game
Will you upload sequel Yamatos story ?
Digital Monsters - Yamatos Story has no translation and I think I won't even translate it because this game is way too old. ;)
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