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Once upon a time there was a little girl,
Living deep in the woods untouched by men.
Her soul proud and pure,
Like fire, unable to contain itself,
Spreading her flames outside her cozy home.

"This isn't enough..." she whispers one night,
She cannot bear the silence of the woods,
Nor the song of the crickets every calm night,
She raises her head to look at the gentle moon,
Thus starts this story,
The Night of Marian.

Night of Marian is a steampunk fantasy dystopia.

The story revolves around the dying floating city of Artygia. Marian decided to take it over for her "reasons" that are related to magic.. She used a spell that caused people to turn into creatures depending on their personality and to use them to overthrow the current head.

Somehow, this disturbed the balance and caused the city to be eternally bound in an Eternal Night and Marian almost lost her Grimoire in the process.

The goal of the game is to build connections and take advantage of it to restore the missing pieces of your Grimoire (which is the source of magic) and take over the city while at it.

This is a remake of an old game we did for Nackster's Halloween Contest.

Latest Blog

Zwanzig siebzehnten

I haven't done much work for Night of Marian, no it's not cancelled or hiatus or anything don't worry.

...But I did work for Ill Will! I finished the 2 skullies so it's safe now. I think I have to fix a sprite but I'm not really free with it right now but none the less.

547/130 monster concepts done.
130 monsters are all we need but I did over 547 instead! (Ninco+Nessy+TFT+Elagune) so we'll just scourge the ones we need! I still think TFT is the best monster designer I ever saw, it's too bad he's so busy ;w;)

Here's some art!


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