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Final Release

Well, here it is. I might pick it back up a few months from now and add more particles or something, but for now this is the last stable release.

Updates in this version include:
-Cumulative bug fixes
-Fullscreen mode runs better, should be no slower than windowed mode
-Customizable screen resolutions (a big thing since each particle is one pixel on the screen!)

Old save files are not compatible, load them at your own risk!

To change the resolution of the game, open the settings.ini file in notepad and adjust the values there. Resolutions are saved inside the save files, so you can load a game that is a different resolution without having to edit the settings.


Long Needed Update (saving fixed and more!)

I've gone back and fixed up save/load functionality more. Whereas before they weren't saved, the settings for the spouts at the top of the screen will now be saved, explosive particles from right before a saved game is loaded can not interact with the loaded game, and saved files are smaller in size. Save files made with previous versions of the game aren't compatible however.
Other bug fixes include:
-Explosive effects properly behaving when the game speed setting is changed
-Fixed crash that happens on certain video cards when entering fullscreen

In other news, I am working on making a port of this for Google Android 2.0.
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