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Kinda like what Duchamp would make, if Duchamp made games

  • Healy
  • 01/28/2010 01:21 AM
Veggie Tales 3D (no relation to the children's Christian entertainment series of the same name) is an innovative piece of work, if only for the fact that most of its graphical assets were made on one sheet of paper. It stars a borderline psychopathic burger joint worker named Tom Tom who's been ordered to grab some onions for the store. Your interaction with the world is limited to examining things and talking to people. Only on a couple of occasions are you allowed to do something other those two things, and then it's only using up items from your inventory. The people you meet can be quite freakish, and Tom Tom usually responds with something about how much he hates that person/thing/humanity/the world. It's been constructed to be a primitive game on purpose, and the black comedy of the game is better for it.

There isn't much meaningful interaction in this game, but it's fun enough to just wander around the gameworld and talk to all the dysfunctional people, and the graphics, while not exactly "good", have their own quirky, childish charm. There's only one off-beat tune playing throughout the whole game, and it fits the overall theme of off-kilterness well.

One playthrough will probably only take you about five minutes to get through. That's a fair enough time to give this game a chance, I feel. It definitely has its bad points. The fake 3D effect is annoying more than it is funny, and Tom Tom's outbursts start to get old after a while. But I don't think these bring it down much, and if nothing else, the game is perversely fascinating in a way few other games are. I give it 4 urinals out of 5.


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hey, thanks for the review! "perversely fascinating" was what i was going for, although i sorta wish i had spent a little longer on interactions and things: part of the idea was that i liked running around rpg towns and things and didn't like battling endless green slimes to do do, but in retrospect some more varied puzzles/sidequests could have helped remove the feeling of endlessly pressing z to talk. also i approve of dada-based rating systems
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