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Sacred Reviews: Veggie Tales 3D


It should be noted that "Veggie Tales 3D" has nothing to do with a certain Christian cartoon show owned by Big Idea Entertainment.

So if your expecting some silly songs with Larry or a retelling of a Bible story with vegetables. I can absolutely assure you that your in the wrong place. If anything this game is a weird beast that will leave most people saying WTF! Did I just Play! That's because this game is a strange beast which is both a plus and a minus in my opinion.


You play as Tom Tom, a foul mouthed youth working at a restaurant, whose tasked with getting more onions from the onion mines in order to make more "OnionBurges" for a bunch of fat customers. Of course, this wouldn't be a video game if things didn't go pear-shaped. So as soon as you arrive at the onion mines you get clobbered by a bunch of mutant vegetables who are now planning on taking over the city and then the world. Of course, the cops in this city are completely incompetent so it's up to us to stop a gang war, get to MOP Labs in order to get a serum that can kill the mutant vegetables, and then spread said serum by burning it in a furnace.


The humor in this game tends to be rather crude and edgy. And this is either a plus or a minus depending on your mood and if you enjoy crass humor. Though some of it just crosses the line into being disgusting in my opinion.

After all, who really wants to run into a character whose joke is that they masturbate in public while being a Peeping Tom. Jeez, I'm not trying to be a prude here but I'm of the opinion this character's actions are highly immoral as well as illegal. And I really don't need a reminder that their are people in this world that do this kind of thing. About the only way this could be worse in my opinion is if catmitts had made this character a lolicon.


On the gameplay side of things "Veggie Tales 3D" is a short adventure game where you find a few items and then use them at the right location. That's really all there is to the gameplay side of the game beyond exploring the town in order to find locations of interest.


While I was of the opinion that "Too Many Kittens" was on the level of say the "Butt-Ugly Martians". I'd argue "Veggie Tales 3D" is so ugly that it's beyond comparison.

Seriously just looking at this game is painful in my opinion. And while I realize your probably meant to play this game while wearing 3D glasses. I don't own a pair of those anymore. In fact, the last time I wore such glasses was when I was a kid and used them to look at 3D images included in a dinosaur magazine I used to read when I was a kid.


Much like the comedy the one song that plays in this game's background feels like it's trying to be edgy. Unfortunately I just find it rather annoying even in small doses.

Download Link

The current download link for this game is inaccurate. So if you really want to play this game than you'll need to go here.


I'll admit I find myself the odd person out on this game. While most people tend to view this game rather favorably if the reviews are anything to go by. I'm of the opinion that this game is both overly crude to the point of being offensive and absolutely agonizing to look at. In fact, the most positive thing I can say about this game is that I'll never have to look at it again.